Monday, February 22, 2010

A baby's gotta eat!

When each of my children were born, bottle feeding was never even considered.  I always knew I would breastfeed, no matter what the cost or sacrifice, and I know that my children have benefited greatly from it but holy cow, sometimes it's so exhausting!!  I feel like all I get accomplished some days is feeding Aiden!!!  At nearly 2 weeks old, he has already gained almost 2 lbs. and some days he eats every 1-2 hours. My hubby commented one day that every time he walks into the room, Aiden is attached to me. *lol*  He does really well sleeping at night, sometimes going for 3-5 hour stretches without waking up but during the day, it feels like all he does is eat! 

I am also finding that Aiden has a sensitive belly!  It seems like I cannot eat anything with any amount of flavor without it hurting his belly so I am on a very strict, bland diet for now. No more spaghetti and garlic bread. No more Chinese or Mexican food. No chili. No caffeine. No chocolate. And the list goes on and on! *lol*  I love it when people question me and ask me why I would ever continue nursing if it is so much trouble.........I guess it's just worth it to me. If giving my children the best nutrition possible means giving up some of the foods that I love, then so be it!  I don't mind at all.........although I would give my right arm for some Chinese about now :-)  It really is worth it to me........I don't have to worry about making bottles of stinky formula. I don't get nasty formula spit up on me or on Aidens cute clothes. I know exactly what my baby is eating at all times and I know that it is building up anitibodies for him to be healthier and stronger in the longrun.

So what was your motivation in your choice to breast/bottle feed?! 

                                                                  My happy, little man :-)


  1. Oh I know the feeling! I nursed all of mine past a year (no bottles) and I actually just quit nursing the last one about a month or so after I found out I was pregnant with this one. It does take a lot of time, but just think of all you are giving your baby. :) You are a great Mom for doing it!

    Your little one is adorable by the way! Love that photo! What a happy baby! :)

  2. Dropping by from MBC!! Very nice looking family you have there~if you get the chance you can check out my blog as well. Have a nice evening.

    Jen @ A Penny Saved

  3. i did a mixture... with my oldes i breast fed while in the hospital... it wasn't working so well so i stopped.... my second daughter i didn't even try... with my son it was 3 1/2 years later so i thought i would give it another shot and i breast fed for about 5 months.. i started giving him formula also probally at 3 months because he ate so much he was always attached to me... after antoher 2 months i gave up.. i am currently pregnant with #4 and plan on trying to do it even longer :) look forward to following more of your blog :)


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