Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Swaddlebees.......our first attempt at cloth diapering!!!

After finding we were pregnant this time, I became adamant that we were going to try cloth diapers!  So from the very beginning, I set out to find the "best."  I quickly found myself completely overwhelmed with all of the brands and styles and realized I was in WAY over my head!!  So I posted to my Facebook friends and through another friend, found someone who had used cloth and she has been my lifeline!!  *lol*  She hooked me up with some Swaddlebees and with the website in which I found a boatload of resources to help educate me on the best brands and how to care for cloth diapers. 

So I have been patiently awaiting Aiden's umbilical cord to fall off and it finally did so we FINALLY got to use the Swaddlebees and I LOVE them!  They are the All in one diapers........we have them in white, yellow and green. They not only look adorable but I am finding that there isn't much of a difference between them and Pampers. They have yet to leak or anything and they just look so darn comfortable!!  These particular diapers snap on the sides and there are 3 sets of snaps so as baby grows, you just have to snap them different. These have the pocket in them so you can add layers with the microterry soakers. So far we have just used one of the soakers during the day but might try 2 soakers tonight since Aiden sleeps around 4 hour stretches at nighttime. So the swaddlebees AIO have an outer layer of waterproof PUL, 3 sewn in layers of microterry, a layer of microfleece and a full layer of cotton velour!  No wonder these babies don't leak! *lol* And I even noticed when I changed Aiden that he wasn't wet at all. The soakers really do their job!

So I would say so far, I give cloth diapering 2 thumbs up!  We still have 2 more brands to try....Fuzzibunz and Kushies.  When we purchased these, I bought a little bigger sizes so we have to wait a bit longer to try these out but I am looking forward to it :-)

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