Sunday, March 7, 2010

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

I got the sick realization today of how fast time is already flying. This week, Aiden will already be 1 month old!  It feels like we were just at the hospital having him. So sad because I know before we know it, he'll be running around the house with the other three! :*(  He's just so precious........I want to keep him small forever and ever!  I find myself just staring at him sometimes and it brings tears to my eyes when I think of the other 3 and how fast they went from being in my arms, completely dependent on me to being independent little people.

It seems like the rest of the kids were just babies too and now they are all so big. Emma just had the big Daddy/Daughter dance last weekend. I couldnt believe how grown up she looked and she is only 6!

So sad to see them grow yet so proud to see what they are becoming. Andrew is just smart as a whip. He's in 2nd grade and reads at nearly a 6th grade level. He spells words that some grown ups I know can't spell (I won't say any names, haha) and he is such a whiz at every subject he does. And on top of being so book smart, he is so athletic. We just love going and watching him play soccer on the weekends and we are so stoked that baseball season is around the corner. He's going to be the next Brandon Phillips! ( 2nd baseman from the Cincinnati Reds...our favorite player!) Here he is when we got to meet him a few weeks back at the Reds Winter Caravan!

I just love my kids so much. It's such a blessing and an honor to be a Mommy. It's worth every headache, every mess and every sleepless night when they look at you and tell you they love you or when they just walk up and give you hugs and kisses just because.  I'm so blessed!

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