Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baby Must Haves

Our new baby is now 10 weeks old.  It has been 10 weeks of a variety of emotions, ups and downs, chaos and pure bliss!  When you are expecting a baby, everyone has their own idea of what they need and then they have a list of things that they would like have that might not be completely necessary. I was one of those people who had those lists, and after 10 weeks, I have compiled a list of things that I thought were just nice to have but truly are completely MUST HAVES!!!  Don't let anybody tell you that you don't need these things because they are things that will make your life so much easier!

#1. A baby swing that PLUGS IN!

Our baby was so colicky the first several weeks and still has bouts of it now and again. We realized the necessity of a swing that plugs in the first time the batteries went dead and we didn't have spares.  I sat and rocked the swing by hand why my husband ran to the store to get batteries. Not fun!  This swing that I have included is the Fisher Price Papason Starlight. I was shocked to find that you can purchase this swing on multiple websites for under $120!!!  I paid more than that for my swing and it doesn't plug in! BOO!

#2.  A portable swing!

My in-laws live around 3 hours away and since my kids are their only grandchildren and we don't live real close, they don't have baby gear at their house. We recently took a trip to their house for Easter and what I wouldn't have done to have my swing!  This is the Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony swing and is totally affordable at less than $60!

#3. A sound machine

With 3 older kids in the house with our newborn, it has been hard for our little guy to get much sleep. It seems like everytime he has fallen asleep, one of the other 3 come running through the house and he gets woke up. This makes a very cranky baby!  We have found that the sound machine not only drowns out noise from the other kids, but it really helps our baby fall asleep!  We definitely suggest the Sound Oasis S-650 from Dream Essentials. It has extra sound cards that you can use to have even more great sounds. My whole family has fallen in love with this product, not just our baby!

#4.  A good quality stroller!

One of the things that our baby loves to do is go for walks in the stroller. When he is grouchy, I can put him in a stroller and just go around the block and he will calm down and sometimes go to sleep!  Not just any stroller will do, however! You need a good one. We love Joovy!  Their strollers are so high quality and we love their colors!!  So bright and fun.

#5. Calming bath washes and lotion

Our little guy had a very colicky time from anywhere between 7 p.m.-midnight.  It would strike when you least expected it and there was little anyone could do. One thing we found that worked was a bath with calming lotions and soaps!  This stuff really did work on getting him calmed down. We could get him out of the bath and he would go right to sleep!

#6. A bassinet or co-sleeper

Being a parent to a newborn is exhausting, especially if you are breastfeeding.  Keeping the baby close is a really good idea. It helps you sleep better knowing they are close and it makes nighttime feedings and diaper changes so much easier!!!  We love the Kolcraft Contours Bassinet!  You can purchase one for around $160 and I think that's money well spent.

#7. A swaddle!

Gone are the days of mastering the art of swaddling with a receiving blanket!  There are so many great companies out there that sell swaddles so you don't have to mess with blankets that come loose!  We love the Woombie and the Halo Sleepsack. Both are extremely affordable and are great products that help prevent SIDS and to help baby feel cozy and secure!

I wish I had known I NEEDED these things before our baby was born so we could have registered for them!  It took a lot of sleepless nights to figure out what worked for us....just wish I could turn back the hands of time so I could have already had these great products before he was born!  Now we have a happy baby which makes a happy Mama!



*This is totally my opinion.......nobody paid me to say any of these things or to endorse their products*

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