Sunday, April 11, 2010

CrAzY RoAd tRip

So this was the weekend that I have been so worried about!  I just wasn't sure how our first trip out of town was going to be with our newest addition!!!  It was almost cancel when the little guy and I got sick in the middle of the week but thankfully we were still able to leave, we just got on the road a little later than we had planned!  First of all, all I said about Aiden hating the car was apparently a lie! *lol*  As soon as we hit the road, he fell fast asleep!

I had such a blast with the other 3 kids while Daddy drove!  I think Daddy felt left out because he was up front all alone while we were having fun in the back! We played with our I Spy Quilt that we received from Simply Family and it was soooo much fun in the car!  That occupied the kids for a long time. They had art contests with their Glo Doodles and took turns seeing who could do their lacing cards the fastest! (Be on the lookout, there's a review and giveaway coming up soon for these and they are tons of fun!)  They got a little rowdy about halfway there and I had to intervene! *lol*

I put in a movie for them and that calmed them down at least until we were almost there!  They started to get restless again so we had our own American Idol competition. Talk about funny!  We had lots of laughs over that one!  I love hearing the kids sing the songs they learn in school! Andrew didn't like it that I made it a 3-way-tie. haha  I just didn't have any energy left to listen to anyone cry because they lost! *lol*  Amazingly, thanks to the Easy Lunchbox System, we didn't have to make ANY stops!  We used the containers to make the kids a healthy lunch so we didn't have to stop to feed them, nobody spilled anything, nobody got carsick and most shockingly of all, nobody had to take a potty break! (I think they were too busy to even think about it!)

I love it that we have made the trip enough now that they know where we are based on certain landmarks. As soon as they saw big buildings, they could tell me where we were at!  The kids don't know what to think when they see big buildings like these! We certainly don't have them here where we live!

By time we got to Grandma's house, it was bedtime. We all went to bed so we could get up bright and early to go celebrate Easter at Aunt Cindy's house! Even though it was early, I did manage to get a halfway decent picture of the 4 of them! (Well, minus Aiden's head falling over! lol) 

 They sure are proud of their new baby brother!

Easter was fun!  The garage was set up so they could all color Easter Eggs!  At one point I realized that all of the adults had wondered out and nobody was supervising the egg coloring so I went inside just in time to see Emma dump an entire cup of yellow egg dye on herself!

After they colored the eggs, one of the older kids hid them so the kids could go on an Easter Egg Hunt. By now, my kids are professional Easter Egg Hunters! *lol*  They still had a blast, especially because they got to see their cousins that they don't get to see all of the time. Here is Emma and her cousin Hunter.

We even got to meet our newest cousin, Ashton who was just born 3 weeks after Aiden. This is the 2nd time that his mom, Jeni and I have been pregnant at the same time and both times we had our babies within 1 month of each other. Emma is just 1 month older than Ashtons big sister, Alissa.  Isn't he a cutie pie?!
Now I have to tell ya, we live in the city (a very small city, but a city nonetheless!) but Aunt Cindy lives in the country and my kids aren't used to having all of that space to play in!  Every time I turned around, one of my kids were up in a tree!  I'm glad I only dressed them in semi-nice clothes and not their Sunday best!  Andrew kept climbing higher and higher and finally I had to make Daddy get him down before I had a heart attack!

It was such a wonderful weekend. The weather was beautiful, the kids were good, the Reds beat the Cubs, and best of all, I got to see my good friend Jennifer and her husband Andy and their beautiful baby Eli. It was only for a minute but it's always nice to get to see good friends who I haven't got to see in awhile! 

 It's so nice to be home now. We got home tonight, just in time for bedtime. Unfortunately, however, Aiden decided to snooze the whole way home so looks like he and I are going to be up for awhile because after all that sleep, now he's wired!! Thanks to all of you for the great advice for us on our trip and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!



  1. What a great weekend! I love all the pictures and I'm glad you're home safe. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Cute pics!

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