Sunday, April 4, 2010


What a wonderful Easter we had with our family and friends!!!  Every day I just feel so blessed because I have such wonderful people in my life!  It was a crazy busy weekend but I wouldn't have changed it for anything!!  On Saturday, Drew had his first baseball practice of the season for the tournament team he plays on.  While he was doing that, I took Josh and Emma to an Easter Egg Hunt. They had a blast and Josh got more than enough candy to share with Andrew when he got home :-)  He even had 8 prize eggs so he got to pick out 8 prizes so he was stoked!

After all of that, Emma went to stay the night at Grandma's so the boys and I, along w/ daddy colored Easter Eggs! I tried to get Emma to stay at home but she insisted she needed to go help Grandma get Easter dinner ready so we were on our own!

We had a great time!  After that, we cut the boys hair which was long overdue!  They like it when Daddy sucks off the hair with the sweeper hose. *lol*

I had so much to do after the boys went to bed!  The Easter Bunny had to come and leave the kids Easter Baskets and hide their eggs plus I had a million things to get ready for Easter dinner at my parents.  In the end, I finally got to bed around 2 a.m. just in time for Aiden to wake up and want fed!

The kids were super stoked about their baskets. The Easter Bunny brought each of them their favorite kind of candy that they don't get all of the time! My kids have expensive taste. haha  Drew got Lindor Truffles, Emma got Ferrero Rocher and Josh got Ghirardelli Caramel Chocolates.  Daddy even got a basket with all of his favorite things like Sunflower seeds, beef jerky, pistacchios and Dove chocolates.  Mommy was the only one without a basket. Boo! lol But that's ok.....I'm used to that!

After the kids got their baskets, it was time to get ready for church and I cannot believe it!  This was the first time since Aiden was born that we were on time!!!!

We have a hard time getting everybody ready and out the door but we made it with time to spare!  I was happy that our whole family got to sit together and couldn't believe how much Emma and my niece Rileigh look alike!  They could be sisters!

After church, it was another Easter Egg Hunt, then dinner at my Parents, followed by yet another Easter Egg Hunt!  I can't tell you how many eggs and how much candy is in the Lewis house! Enough to make it even crazier!!  My mom is so creative though. She had 12 prize eggs for the kids hidden and then she hid eggs with each of the kids names on it. Whoever found it got the BIG prize which was this weird toy that bounces around on the floor and looks like a real animal. Silly but the kids loved it so Drew was super happy that he found his name and got the coveted prize! lol My Mom even had eggs for the adults this year!  She put each of our names on them and tied them to a string and then wove them together like a big spider web. We had to untangle them to get to our eggs which all contained scratch off lottery tickets!  That was a lot of fun.

Year after year, I am just reminded of how blessed we are. We have the best family and friends anyone could ask for.  I do suppose it's time to get off here!  Daddy and Andrew are heading to Cincinnati in the morning for Reds Opening Day!  This is a new tradition that started last year with the boys and I know Josh can't wait until he is a little bit older so he can start sharing the tradition as well!  I am sure they will have a great time and that means a quiet house for me tomorrow. YAY!  I can catch up on cleaning and might even get to fit in a nap. Wishful thinking.  I hope you all head a happy and blessed Easter!



  1. Adult Easter Egg hunts rock! At least we didn't really have to chase eggs..I would have definately teamed up with Josh. That boy was an egg finding

  2. Hope you had an awesome easter :D

  3. I LOVE finding other Moms that have four like me! You have a beautiful family.


  4. Your Family is so beautiful:) That one pic reminds me of the Flowbee..remember that product?? LOL


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