Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's almost Birthday Time!!!

So I need to get on the ball. Joshua and Emma have birthdays coming up very very soon and I have not planned ANYTHING yet! UGH!  Life is so crazy, planning a birthday party is the last thing I have time for but lucky for me, I get two done at the same time. Emma will turn 7 on May 10th and Josh will turn 5 on May 11th.  I am thinking about nixing our usual parties of going somewhere like the skating rink or bowling alley and having a big party outdoors. The only problem with that is we live in Ohio and you never know about the weather.

So my plan is to have this all figured out by Friday.  I would like to find a theme that can be used for both a boy and a girl so I can order the cake and I need to figure out some fun games and easy food to serve. So I need your help!  Who has some kid-friendly recipes that are easy to make?!  And which one of you has some good games that would be good for an age range of about 5-8?  And who knows the best theme to use for both a boy and girl? I know you are all creative Mama's who can help me plan a party in just a few days!  I'm counting on you!  Oh yea, darn it. I guess I need gift ideas too. What's cool and new for boys and girls rigth now?! I need your ideas!  HELP ME! haha






  1. I have no ideals, for boys and girls. Maybe a cartoon??

  2. I wish I could help, but I have trouble planning a party for my 3 year old son.


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