Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lifeguard30 Review

Every once in awhile I will stumble across a product that I think is just too good to pass up and not tell my readers about, such is the case with the Lifeguard30.  The Lifeguard30 is a product that stores medical information in a pocket-size device that can give people valuable information about the individual in an emergency when the patient is unable to communicate.

I have an option on my cell phone where I can store information in which I have listed my family members, their birthdates, allergies, etc. but it is not very accessible and I doubt a paramedic or medical personnel would even think to look there for this information and even so, it is difficult to find so it was more than likely a waste of my time to even store that information in there.  With the Lifeguard30, you wouldn't have to worry about that.  The Lifeguard30 saves valuable time in an emergency by giving medical professionals information about that patient that could save their life.  It is designed to be clipped onto a keychain, purse or even a beltloop and can hold up to 30 pages of information including a photo, medications, medical history, conditions, allergies and even emergency contacts.  It is ran off of multiple battery sources so the information is still accessible even in the event of power outages. 

When you purchase the Lifeguard30, you receive 2 devices (1 is for backup), along with an ID bracelet, wallet ID card and decals for the home so first responders will know that the patient has a Lifeguard 30 with their medical information available.   If you have a family member who has medical problems, allergies, etc. the Lifeguard30 could be a lifesaver!!  If you are interested in finding more information, you can go to .
* I was not paid to post any of this information, it was simply my opinion on a product that I believe could be a life-saver in the event of an emergency*

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