Monday, April 19, 2010

Me4Kidz Review

Summer is right around the corner which means bumps, scrapes and bruises for That Crazy Lewis House!  My kids love to play outside, riding bikes, playing sports, etc. but Summer is definitely rough on the knees and elbows around here!

Me4Kidz is an awesome family owned and operated company that specializes in First Aid products!  We were sent a Medibag for kids to review and it was awesome!  It contained the following items:

(30) Assorted Kid-Friendly Bandages

(12) Junior Bandages

(20) Antiseptic Wipes

(4) 2 X 2 Gauze Pads

(4) 3 X 3 Gauze Pads

(2) Knee & Elbow Bandages

(1) Anti-Itch Ointment

(2) Antibiotic Ointments

(1) Burn Gel

(1) Eye Wash

(1) First Aid Guide

(1) Instant Cold Pack

(2) Blue Kid-Friendly Exam Gloves

(1) Hypoallergenic First-Aid Tape Roll

(1) Plastic Disposable Tweezers

(10) Application Swabs

(1) Sting Relief Pad

(1) Emergency Information Label

(20) Kid-Friendly Fun Stickers

(1) Kid-Friendly Organized Doctor's Bag

(1) Coupon for a Free 45 Item Refill Kit-AWESOMENESS!

Here are just a few details about Me4Kidz.  All of the products are made in the USA.  Only 100% recycled, lead free plastic is used and all products contain latex free contents.  Best of all, and I thought this was so great, all products are assembled by disabled inviduals so Me4Kidz is actually helping rehabilitate those in need. How cool is that?!  Richelle was such a nice person to work with and you can truly tell that this company is not just about being successful but they really do care about their customers and about making a difference in the lives of others. 

Me4kidz has more than the Medibag 4 Kidz though!  They also have the Diaperbag Buddy and the Medibuddy for on the go!

We think you would be CRAZY not to have some of these awesome products in your home!

Buy it!  You can purchase the Medibag on their website at or click  here to find your nearest retailer!

*This is my true opinion of this product that I was sent to review and was not paid to say these things*

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