Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reds Opening Day


It's that time of year again, and not a moment too soon!  Not sure if I could handle watching Drew play another soccer game. It's BASEBALL SEASON!!!!!!!  I love baseball season mostly because I love to watch Andrew play and this year Josh is going to be playing too but the other reason that our family loves baseball season is because we get to watch the CINCINNATI REDS!

For the 2nd year in a row, Drew and Daddy got Club Seats for Opening Day cortesy of Grandma Lisa. They were so excited to get there to kick off the season!!

Me and the other 2 boys watched from home and we even saw our boys on TV during opening ceremonies!!  They had great seats!!!

And even though they lost (BOO) Drew still came home smiling ear to ear that they got to go!

Next game we go to will be Celina Day!!  Maybe my kids will get to lead the parade on the field again like last year or maybe we will get another ball to add to the collection!!!

One things for sure, I will be faithfully watching Joey Votto the Reds all season! Woo Hoo!!!!


  1. I am so jealous! I would LOVE to go to opening day! I am also a huge baseball fan. Go Braves!!! But since moving to Washington I have become quite fond of the Mariners. Because I can watch them all the time and sometimes if I am lucky see them in person. LOVE IT!!

  2. I just wanted to drop by to let you know that I have left an award for you on my blog :o)



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