Saturday, May 1, 2010

For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned!

I don't know how things are in your house, but in ours, things are crazy and hectic pretty much all of the time. Since Aiden has been born, we have not been on time to one single event, including church!  It seems like every morning is a struggle and it has gotten to the point where I have decided something has to be done to help get this house more organized so we can start being on time again!  I have searched multiple resources and found some pretty good tips that we are going to try starting Monday. Maybe some of these tips might help you as well or maybe you might have some of your own to share with me!

Use a timer

If you have a kid who happens to spend so much time in doing one single thing, then it's time to create a better way of making your slowpoke catch up with your pace. Kids have this innate love for games and challenging him to beat the timer, will surely speed him up.  For instance, my daughter takes FOREVER getting dressed. She puts on a sock and then sits for 5 minutes before she puts the next article of clothing on. It drives me mad! lol

Cling to your morning routine

Consistency in the morning routines is a must too. Should your child want to dress before breakfast, then let them do so daily and consistently. Breaking the usual order of morning activities can waste a lot of time. When your child follows the same pattern of routine, it would become easier on your part too since it will limit the number of times that you should give him a reminder of what's next.  I have to repeat my self 999 times every morning."It's time to brush your teeth guys. It's time to get dressed guys. Do you have your bookbags packed kids?" It's over and over and over and over.

Refer to the weather forecast a night before

Check on the weather forecast ahead so you can prepare necessary wardrobe for that particular weather. This will give you ample time to prepare the boots, jackets, umbrellas, and coats. Whichever is appropriate for the next day.  We live in Ohio where weather is totally unpredicatable. One day last week it was 80 and the following day the high was only 50.  Just because it was warm yesterday does not mean it's going to be warm today! lol I don't know how many times I have had to make last-minute wardrobe changes in the morning because the weather changed overnight!

Pack up things ahead of time

Assign a specific spot where kids can place their school bags, shoes, and other school stuff in preparation for the next day. Homework, projects, and other things needed for school the following day should be all set and placed in the school bags ahead. This will prevent you and your kids of spending so much time in the morning gathering all these items.  In my house it's always "Where's my book? Have you seen my homework?" So frustrating!!

Prepare meals early

Meals and snacks that can be prepared ahead should be ready the night before. Sandwiches can be prepared ahead. Canned or bottled juices can be placed in lunch bags the night before too.  Our son packs nearly every day so this would be a big help to us. My kids also take water bottles that they keep at their desks throughout the day so I need to start filling these ahead of time!

Work as a team

Being on time for work and school should be emphasized as a goal for the whole family. This will encourage everyone to exercise punctuality as a team.  We are going to start setting some goals to work towards as a family to get better organized. I think it will make our life a lot easier!

It is also helpful to refer to a time management e-book to learn more techniques in creating a relaxed atmosphere while preparing everyone in your home for the office or for school.  I have even thought about taking a time management class to help organized our family a little better.

What do you do to get your family organized and on time?


  1. We use a timer at my house to get my kids to clean their playroom. It was actually my daughter's idea! My girls are 2 & 4 years old. They know that there are concequences if it is done in an alotted time. The time differs from day to day depending on how much time we really have.
    I usually leave 15/20 minutes as blank time before I plan on leaving. I never know how long it's going to take us that day to get all the appropriate things ready.
    My parents used to make our lunches the night before and just put them in the fridge. They still do that for their lunches for work.
    I laugh at the weather forecast one, I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where weather is anything but predictable. We can have all 4 seasons in one day with extreme temperature changes. You can look at the forecast all you want the night before here but you will likely be in for a surprise.
    My girls independently get themselves dressed in the morning. It's just me who's the lazy one and doesn't get it done before breakfast. This do go smoother if I am ready before breakfast, however.
    I would also suggest giving specific tasks to teach child everyday.
    I usually organize their bags (snacks, whatever we need for that day) when they have been instructed to either go to the bathroom before we leave and/or put on their jackets and shoes. They generally know just from looking outside and will inquire if necessary if they have chosen appropriate clothing.
    I also make a list the night before or the afternoon before so I can prep things the night before and the day of to ensure nothing gets forgotten.
    Hope this helps!

  2. This is a great post! So incredibly true! I've been again working on becoming more organized, but it is definitely a process!!!

  3. Thanks so much for visiting our blog and following! :) I'm following you as well. Your kids are adorable! I love your blog, too! Thanks again!



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