Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Follow May 7, 2010

Friday Follow

Yay! I can't believe it's Friday again already. Where on Earth is the time going?!  Since it's Friday, you guessed it! It's Friday Follow time!

I was going to post something funny but am totally annoyed! Did you all hear about the story about the woman who got hassled by the security guard for breastfeeding at the Mall?  If not, here's the story!

I would have asked that Security Officer how he would like to go eat his dinner in a bathroom?!  A germ-filled, nasty, gross bathroom in the middle of the mall at that!  I still to this day do not understand why people get offended by a Mother doing something completely natural like feeding her child the way God intended us to!  I  breastfeed and bottle feed our newborn (pumped breastmilk) but sometimes my little guy gets hungry when I don't have a bottle pumped with me and guess what?! He has the right to eat and I have the right to feed him wherever I want to!  I always keep myself covered and un-exposed. I am not a fan of the new Health Care Bill and I will not get into politics but I will have to say, I love that hidden in that bill is a section that will make it a law for employers to provide Mothers a place to privately and safely pump while at work. I worked in a place that did not offer this and I had to pump in a bathroom and it was awful! Anyhoo, feel free to share your feelings! Maybe you are as outraged as I was when I first saw it or maybe you are one of those who believe there is a place for breastfeeding and out in the public isn't the placed? Share with me! I'm dying to know what others are thinking!!

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Have a GREAT weekend!  :)



  1. I came to return the follow and thought wait I know this blog, I have been following you for awhile LOL. Happy FF to you!!

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  13. Hi! Just stopping by from Friday Follow! I am with you on your post. I am currently bf, and I cannot imagine having to go in a nasty bathroom to do so! I've pretty much stayed at home since my daughter was born because it's too much hassle trying to feed her in public.

    Hope you're having a fantastic Friday!

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