Sunday, May 2, 2010


I love Spring!  Even though Ohio weather can be unpredicatable this time of year, I still love that the weather is finally starting to get nice and it's getting warmer out again!  One of  our favorite things to do as a family is go to the lake and just hang out!  Nick and I love to do things spontaneously like surprise picnics for the kids so we have been trying to make an effort to do more of those things to help the kids burn off energy! 

The other day we didn't tell the kids we were going to go have a picnic!  They thought Daddy was lost and they were trying to tell him which way he needed to go to get home and they were so excited when we stopped at the lake.  It's definitely one of their favorite things to do!  We packed some food and we were all set!

After we got done eating, we took a walk around the lake. We always find the coolest stuff! This time we found a beer can from 1972!  It was crazy because groups are always out there cleaning up so I cannot fathom how a can that old was just laying down by the rocks.

Daddy led the way out on the pier and taught the kids how to skip rocks!  That was fun until Drew went to skip one and it bounced back and hit him in the face. 3 Lewis kids throwing rocks=an accident waiting to happen!

Andrew was a natural!  They had a contest and he beat Daddy with how many times his rock skipped across the lake!

Of course, I never miss the opportunity to take pictures of my babies!  I love taking pictures, especially at the lake. It's always so pretty! Here's my 3 boys.

Daddy showed them how to find the best rocks. They actually listened! Emma was the only one who didn't listen and grab her sweatshirt when we left the house so she had to wear Andrew's coat. She wasn't happy about it but at least she wasn't chilly!

Of course, we can't go anywhere without having my little princess posing! lol

I'm so lucky to have these special little people in my life :)
Every day they show me what living is all about. Who would have ever thought that I could have enough love in my heart to share with all of these angels!
How blessed I am!


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