Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Arm and Hammer My Way Spinbrush for Girls!

I never thought I would have problems getting my girly girl to brush her teeth but it has been a nightmare!  Our 7 year old hates the taste off all toothpastes and just hates brushing her teeth in general. I was pretty excited when I opened an email about the Arm and Hammer My Way Spinbrush for girls!!

The Spinbrush came in plain white with a jewel on/off button. It also included 6 sheets of stickers so Emma could decorate it however she wanted. She had a blast putting all of the stickers on it and loved that she could spell her name out on it too. You aren't technically supposed to put the stickers on the skinny part that goes into your mouth but Emma insisted she needed stickers on every white part of the toothbrush and who am I to argue, after all, she has brushed her teeth way more since she got the Arm and Hammer Spinbrush!

It’s been proven that kids brush 38 percent longer with a battery-operated Arm & Hammer Spinbrush for Kids. The fact that they are less than $7 makes it that much better!  Now I need to find some for the boys and we'll be all set.

***Disclaimer: I was sent the Arm and Hammer My Way Spinbrush for Girls free of charge for this review, however this is my honest opinion of this product and this is not a paid post.***

Monday, June 28, 2010

Katydid Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway!

 Amazing. That's the first word that comes to mind to describe Katydid Cloth Diapers!!!  We have tried a lot of cloth diapers since our baby was born in February but I honestly have to say, Katydid is definitely among my favorites!! 

First of all, I loved the fit!  The diaper we were sent wasn't bulky at all....it was very trim!

Second, it was so easy to use. I wasn't confused on which snaps to use and I was able to find the perfect fit very quickly!  It was evident that our 4 month old was very comfortable in his Katydid cloth diaper!!

So many of the cloth diapers we have tried have been an uncomfortable fit and have left indents and marks on  his belly and legs but this diaper was perfect!
Even while sitting up, it didn't cut into his chunky belly like most cloth diapers do!

Here are a few details about Katydid Cloth Diapers:

* Incredibly soft microfleece inner layer that wicks away moisture
* Front-opening pocket to prevent bunching and to make sure inserts aren't hanging out
* Waterproof outer layer
* Gentle elastic to help keep mess in without hurting baby
* Adjustable Rise makes diapers comfortably for babies 8-35 lbs
* Newborn side snaps
* Adjustable inserts
* Wrap and Snap feature to seal the mess while out and about!
*Available in 4 adorable colors

Katydid Cloth Diapers=Fabulous!


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*This is my honest opinion of this product and company. I was sent a Katydid cloth diaper free of charge for this review, however, this did not sway my opinion in any way*

CSN Stores Review

CSN Stores is truly becoming my go to place for just about everything. Sometimes I even unintentionally stumble upon one of their stores while searching for products on the internet. We just made a big move which has required us to make a lot of new purchases for products around the house including appliances, furniture and dining room tables.  When we moved from the old house, we gave our old dining room table to one of the guys who helped us move so we had to find a new one rather quickly.

I was really surprised by the huge selection of dining room tables I found at CSN Stores. I really didn't want to spend more than $350 on the actual table itself and I found tons within that price range!

They really have an amazing selection of Dining Room Tables now I just need to decide which one I love the most!

Stay tuned for a great CSN review coming your way!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Neutrogena Ultrasheer Sunblock Review

I have extremely sensitive, fair skin that burns very easily. My family also has a history of skin cancer so I am very hesitant to get too much sun for fear of damaging my skin. I was happy to get to review the Neutrogena Ultrasheer Sunblock. I used the sunblock for a couple of weeks while outside with the kids and I never got a sunburn. I put the sunblock on under my makeup and honestly forgot I was even wearing it. Most sunblock leaves me feeling sticky and gross but the Neutrogena Ultrasheer Sunblock went on smoothly and wasn't sticky. I am very pleased with the sunblock and will definitely continue using it.

Would you like to review UltraSheer®, too? Then go to http://www.giantwavepool.com/ultrasheer!

Or get $2 off your UltraSheer® purchase at http://www.neutrogena.com/suncoupon.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the product mentioned above for free for review purposes from Tidal Labs. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stressless Teaching Resources Very Hungry Caterpillar Felt Set Review and Giveaway

I love tools that help make learning fun, especially for my 5 year old. He is all over the place so it takes a lot to capture his attention!  One thing that works well with him is visual aids so I was super excited to do a review for a lovely Etsy shop called StressLess Teaching Resources!  We were sent this great felt set to go along with The Very Hungry Caterpillar story!!!

I was so impressed with this set!  It included hand crafted pieces that were individually painted. I loved the details on each and every piece and my son LOVED us using these when we were telling the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar!  I love this type of tool as a learning aide because it helps children better understand concepts like story sequencing.

Stressless Teaching Resources also has a lot of other great products and even more story felt sets!  Another of our favorite book series is the "I Know and Old Lady" books. We have several of them including "I Know and Old Lady who Swallowed a Pie" so we loved this felt set!

If you are a home-schooling parent or you just like to do fun activities with your children to help them learn, you definitely need to check out StressLess Teaching Resources!!!


Shop owner Tanya Winters has kindly offered to give one of you your own Very Hungry Caterpillar Felt Set!

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*This is my honest opinion of this product that I was sent free of charge to review. I was not compensated to say any of these things.*

Mumtaz Creations Review and $20 Gift Certificate Giveaway

We have been cloth diapering now for 4 months but I am still learning the ropes on what works and what doesn't. I have very little experience with cloth diaper covers and have only ever used one cover and it was made of wool so I was excited to get to try out a waterproof PUL diaper cover from Mumtaz Creations Etsy shop, Mumtaz Soakers!

Most of our trouble with leaking has been at night and this cover has been a lifesaver!  I love the way it fits so snugly over Aiden's diapers but it's not too tight.
He sure seemed to be happy in the diaper cover too!  It has saved me a lot of headache during the night because his clothes stay nice and dry and I don't have to worry about soaked sheets from where he has leaked out of his cloth diaper!

Mumtaz Soakers has a huge variety of diaper covers including those made from waterproof PUL, Wool , Hemp and Fleece!

If Cloth Diapering isn't your thing, Mumtaz Creations has so many other great products too such as Hats, Bibs, Burp Cloths, Clothing, Headbands and so much more!

You can look at their huge variety of products at their Website!

Mumtaz Creations also offers a variety of adult items as well at their 2nd Etsy Website!

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*This is my honest opinion of this product that I was sent free of charge to review.*

Sweet Memories Quilts Organic Bamboo Crib Sheet Giveaway

I think the bedding you put on your baby's crib is very important because it's where baby spends a lot of time.  I have had some pretty rotten crib sheets in the past, some which were very cheap made and not good for my baby's skin.

I was really excited when Etsy shop Sweet Memories Quilts offered to do a giveaway here at the Crazy House! SMQ is owned and operated by a Mommy of 2, Jennifer Ois. The highest quality of fabrics are chosen for their Crib Sheets because they believe your baby deserves the best!  All of SMQ products are handmade in Canada. They use no factory production at all and they stand behind their products so confidently that they offer a lifetime guarantee!

My favorite part about SMQ Crib Sheets is not only the awesome materials they are made from but the colors are amazing! 

Buy It! You can purchase your own SMQ product by visiting their Etsy Shop or by going to their Website. You can get 15% off your purchase at their website by using coupon code Crazy15!

Sweet Memories Quilts has graciously offered to give one of my readers an Organic Bamboo Crib Sheet in your choice of color, a $38 value!

Here's how!

Visit the website and come back here and comment on what color you will choose if you win!

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*This is my honest opinion of this product and company and I was not compensated in any way for posting this giveaway*

Two Little Monkies Diaper and Wipes Pod Review and Giveaway

I love all of my diaper bags but sometimes it's just not necessary for me to take an entire bag full of stuff.  If I am just going out for a quick trip to the store or something, I just grab a diaper or two and my wipes and stuff them in my purse. That seems to work ok but sometimes the diapers get smashed or I need to find something in my purse and it's hard because I have it full of diapers and wipes. Tow Little Monkies sent me a great Diaper and Wipes Pod for this very dilemma!  I love how stylish it is!  I can either put this in my purse or just carry this for quick trips out!

It is not bulky or large and is perfect for my travel wipes container and 3-4 diapers!

Two Little Monkies has a lot of other great items in their Etsy shop as well! I love the travel neck pillows!

I would have also LOVED to have had this bow and clip holder when my daughter was younger!

Two Little Monkeys also sells really inexpensive Custom Wood Letters for walls as well as a variety of clips and headbands!

I love how everything in the shop is nicely made but even more that they offer great, affordable prices!


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*This is my honest opinion of this product and company. I was not paid to say these things. I was sent a diaper and wipe pod for the review.*

What a week!

So we recently moved and I have never been so stressed out in my whole life. First of all, I could have never imagined how much stuff we had. We got the biggest U-haul you can get and still had to make a 2nd trip with it PLUS several loads in a truck and my mini van. OMG. We have been here for 5 days now and I am seriously so overwhelmed that it's not funny.  Today after the hubby left for work, I just sat down, looked around and CRIED!  The entire Sun room is packed with boxes and every room of the house has boxes including all 4 bedrooms, the dining room, the living room, kitchen, laundry room, even the back porch! THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!  The only room that is completely unpacked and put together is the bathroom. *lol*  I would love to just go sit in there all day because it's quite roomy and it's the only place in the house that looks clean right now. UGH  I didn't realize this house had like zero storage so I am quite a dilemma. I miss having a basement with tons and tons of cupboards. I already have like 4 boxes of Christmas presents for this Christmas and I have nowhere to stash them. Winter clothes, Christmas decor, things of that sort....nowhere to put it all.  Hubby needs the space in the garage for his work equipment and all his tools so I'm just out of luck. I'm considering going and renting a storage unit but hate to waste money on something like that!

On top of everything else, I hate it here. I don't like the house, although after everything is all put away I might change my mind. I don't like the neighbors. I don't like being so far away from town. I hate it that I feel so far away from everyone. I hate that I don't live 2 minutes from the grocery anymore. I bought ice cream at the grocery tonight after Drew's baseball game and it was almost melted by time I got home. *lol*  To make things worse, Aiden HATES being in the car and cries the whole way home everytime we go to town.  I pulled off the road and got him out to calm him down twice on our way home tonight but every time I put him back in his carseat he screamed.

Anyhoo, since I knew we were moving into a bigger house, I have been keeping my eye out for pictures and other decor and I was SUPER stoked at my finds!  A couple weekends ago my Mom kept bugging me to go to some yard sales with her. I had no desire to do so but she talked me into it so she and I took Emma and the baby and hit the sales!  One was getting ready to end so everything was FREE and look what I got! I was so excited!

This is going to look awesome in my Dining Room above my fireplace!!

This stuff was pretty cool too! It will go great in my kitchen.

I also got a couple awesome pictures from my Mama!  This one matches so perfect with my sage walls in my living room! I love the verse on the bottom of it too!

Love it!

So PLEASE forgive me if I am posting less right now or if it takes me longer to respond. I am just trying to sort through this MESS........one box at a time.  I have a lot of giveaways to catch up on so hang tight and I'll be back to normal soon! If a couple days go by and you don't hear from me, please send help. I am most likely buried under a mountain of cardboard boxes.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Social Gatherings and a weekend of BASEBALL!

Happy Friday everyone!  So excited for the weekend to be here. It's been a loooooooong, exhausting week and I am ready for some baseball! Hope you all have a great weekend too!

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Sarah's Cream of Chicken Sandwiches!

Cream of Chicken Sandwiches

With everything going on in the past week, I totally forgot to post a recipe so I'm making up for it today!  One of the foods I am most known for around my neck of the woods is my Cream of Chicken sandwiches. (Some people call it Shredded Chicken. I guess you can call it whatever you want. lol)

My favorite part about making Cream of Chicken sandwiches is that it only takes 2 ingredients and a little goes a long way. You need about 6-7 boneless skinless chicken breasts and a large can of Campbells Cream of Chicken Soup. I like to put a dash of salt and pepper too but that is totally up to you. Oh, and you will need buns to put the chicken on. So I guess that's more than 2 ingredients. haha But still easy enough!

All you have to do is throw your thawed chicken into a pot of water and boil for about an hour.

After you are done boiling, drain the water out of them and let them cool for about 10 minutes. You can either toss the broth or save it for noodles or something later on. We like to make a little extra chicken and save it and the broth for Chicken and Dumplings!

When they aren't so hot, simply shred the chicken into pieces. I am really picky and have to pick out all of the yucky looking pieces too. lol

After you shred it, pop it back into the pan or a crock pot and add the can of Cream of Chicken Soup. I don't like the off brands so I always go with Campbells.

You will need to turn your pan or crock pot on low to heat the chicken and the soup after you get it mixed.

After it's warm, just put a spoonful on the bun and you're good to go!

Totally yummy, I promise, and if you don't believe me....take it from Emma! It's her favorite thing to eat!

Simple, tasty and only 1 pan to clean!