Friday, June 11, 2010

4Moms Insiders Wanted!

4moms has an AWESOME Insider program...not sure if you all have heard about it but if not, you must check it out! One of the things you can do is sign up to test products which is an awesome opportunity because 4moms has awesome products such as the Cleanwater Infant Tub and the mamaRoo!  ( I have the tub and I WILL have the mamaRoo one of these days, one way or another! haha)

This is the mamaRoo......doesn't it look AMAZING?!

Ok, I'll quit drooling now and tell you the real reason for this post. 4moms is taking sign-ups right now for their Cleanwater Infant Tub (which totally rocks) so you should probably go ahead and go to their Insider page and sign up!

Not only can you sign up to test the tub but you can also do so many other things to earn points that eventually convert into $ off of 4moms products!

Hope one of you get the chance to check them out!


  1. Thanks for this! I am signing up!

  2. Thanks! I signed up. Can't wait to see what opportunities they have!

  3. I am an insider as well- I tested both the mamroo and the new cleanwater tub! They have some awesome people behind their products!


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