Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Arm and Hammer My Way Spinbrush for Girls!

I never thought I would have problems getting my girly girl to brush her teeth but it has been a nightmare!  Our 7 year old hates the taste off all toothpastes and just hates brushing her teeth in general. I was pretty excited when I opened an email about the Arm and Hammer My Way Spinbrush for girls!!

The Spinbrush came in plain white with a jewel on/off button. It also included 6 sheets of stickers so Emma could decorate it however she wanted. She had a blast putting all of the stickers on it and loved that she could spell her name out on it too. You aren't technically supposed to put the stickers on the skinny part that goes into your mouth but Emma insisted she needed stickers on every white part of the toothbrush and who am I to argue, after all, she has brushed her teeth way more since she got the Arm and Hammer Spinbrush!

It’s been proven that kids brush 38 percent longer with a battery-operated Arm & Hammer Spinbrush for Kids. The fact that they are less than $7 makes it that much better!  Now I need to find some for the boys and we'll be all set.

***Disclaimer: I was sent the Arm and Hammer My Way Spinbrush for Girls free of charge for this review, however this is my honest opinion of this product and this is not a paid post.***


  1. That's awesome! I'm going to have to pick one up for my girl now. She HATES brushing her teeth too and complains of the taste. Thanks for the recommendation!

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