Sunday, June 13, 2010

CrAzY HoUsE Weekend Edition

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

The Weekend Edition

Usually I love the weekends and can't wait until they get here but this weekend has been awful!  Murphy's Law was in full force....everything that COULD go wrong DID!

I had planned on taking the kids for about an hour drive yesterday to ride Go-Karts and Putt Putt Golf. When we woke up yesterday it was storming. Boo! So we ended up not leaving until late afternoon and finally got there around 5 p.m. The ride with 4 kids wasn't so bad because baby Aiden slept the whole way, thank God!  We brought along Scrabble Cheeze-It's for a snack so the kids had a contest who could make the biggest word with their letters....Drew won with the word "Application." I was surprised he even knew how to spell that word. lol

When we got there and got out of the car, Josh had spilled water all over his shorts...this is where our day went from bad to worse. We all got out of the car and I popped the trunk so I could get spare clothes out and as soon as I shut the trunk back I realized some smarty pants had sat the keys in the trunk. Yep. That would be me. Hubby was NOT going to be happy with me. So we went ahead and rode Go-Karts and stuff while poor dear hubby worked on getting the keys out of the car on the most miserably humid day of the year so far. Oops!

So I take the kids to play Putt Putt while Daddy keeps working. Of course not even 1/4 of the way through, Andrew knocks his ball into the pond. Before I can even react, Emma tries to help and falls completely in the pond!!  So now I have a grumpy hubby and a soaking wet daughter!  2 hours later we finally got the keys out (Could have called a locksmith and had them out within minutes, but that's now how the Hubby rolls! lol)

Anyhoo, finally got to feed the kids Supper around 8:30 p.m. last night and we got home just in time before some nasty storms hit.

We actually made it up in time for church today. When we got out, I lifted Baby Aiden out of his carseat to find that he had experienced a nasty explosion in his diaper.....all over his new outfit I just got him yesterday. So I changed him quickly, just in time to get inside the church for Worship. After the kids were dismissed for Kids Praise, Aiden wouldn't quit fussing so I ended up taking him out and missing half the sermon. I'm looking at the clock thinking to myself, "It's only 10:00 a.m. How can this day be so bad already?"

So church gets out and the kids come and hand me cards that they made during Children's Services. They were each to make a card addressed to God, thanking him for something. I read them and got a chuckle out of Joshua and Emma's and then I got to Drew's. It said "Dear God, thank you for the gift you gave me to play sports and the gift you gave me to run." I sat there thinking about that for a minute. How special that an 8 year old boy realizes that those things are GIFTS!  Not everyone has been giving the ability to play sports or to run but he has and he realizes that and is thankful for that.

Sometimes I need my kids to put things in perspective for me. Even when days are bad (or in our case, the whole weekend!) we are still blessed with so many gifts. Instead of grumbling I need to be thankful for the gifts that I have been given. I should thank God he gave me another day to live. So today, if I could write a thank you card to God, I would thank him for these 4 children he has given me that just continue to teach me new things about life and love every single day. 


  1. Well, you sure had quite the weekend! I had a whole week similar to that once. It's like, seriously? Can anything else go wrong?

    How so very sweet of your little boy to recognize that he is gifted. So awesome!

    My kids put things into perspective for me too. We are truly blessed.

  2. That was so sweet...and so true!

  3. Sounds like my weekend. My highlight was when my two year old got stung by a wasp on the nose in the middle of big family pictures for my parents wedding anniversary present. I felt bad for him, he wouldn't stop screams, by shirt got covered in snot and tears and his nose was swollen. Uggg! Poor little guy!

  4. I forgot the part where my 5 year old climbed to the top of the doorway and then fell face first. I thought he broke his nose...just really nasty bruised! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


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