Tuesday, June 8, 2010

House Party

Have you all heard of House Party?  If not, you should definitely check it out!  I got a random email one day from the Cooking Club of America about it and I am so glad I signed up!

House Party is a place that allows you to host parties for various companies!  Just for fun, I signed up to host a Hasbro Game Party and I was chosen as a host!!  I was so excited when the Party Pack arrived last week!

I received "Taboo", "Electronic Catch Phrase" and the all new "Trivial Pursuit, Bet you Know It" that's not out in stores yet!  We also received a boatload of different Wheat Thins, Triscuit Crackers and Hershey's Pieces!  They also gave me 20 $5 off coupons for all of my guests to go purchase any of these games and coupons to buy batteries for the Electronic Catch Phrase! I am so excited to have my game party now, which is coming up in the next couple weeks!

I talked my Mom into joining and she was already chosen to host a Febreeze House Party next month!  If you like having parties, check it out for sure!  I can't wait to see what other kinds of parties we can sign up for!!  I have seen Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Parties, Elegant Dinner parties and even Cocktail parties!  I love parties so this is right up my alley! So check it out if it interests you!


  1. Hi, new follower here! I was chosen to host a febreeze part this month. I am so excited!

  2. Can you giveme any tips on this? Am I supposed to take photos and if so what do I do with them?

  3. Hey Kelli....you upload the pics in the Media Tab after you log in to your House Party account!

  4. I LOOOVE House Party! I've been lucky enough to do 2 so far :D


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