Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kung Zhu Party!!!!

Zhu Zhu Pets. We have all heard about them and if you were one of the lucky one's, you might have actually gotten your hands on some of them by now.  Kids go crazy for these interactive hamsters that provide countless hours of fun.

The newest group of Zhu Zhu Pets are arriving now in the form of Kung Zhu Pets!  They include the Delta Forces Tribe of Rocko and Stonewall who team up with Rangers Duke and Serge. Also on the good side are the new Kung Zhu Ninjas Drayko and Yama.  They have joined together to protect the Zhu-niverse from the Skull Tribe, Azer and Thorn!

 We hosted a Kung Zhu party to usher in the arrival of the newest Zhu Zhu Pets and they did not disappoint!!  We had 11 eager kids who were ready to have some fun!!!

Kung Zhu Pets are fighting hamsters that can be equipped with armor and enter a fighting arena. Our guests each received one of the new Kung Zhu Hamsters as well as a set of battle armor! While this new line seems to be aimed at boys, we had 3 girls attend our party and they appeared to have just as much if not more fun than the boys!

This is Rileigh, Queen of all things Zhu Zhu. At first we had just invited her brother and she was so bummed that we just had to invite her too!

The kids favorite thing to do was race and battle with the Kung Zhu Pets!!!

Oh the look of defeat!  I'm going to guess his Ninja lost.

So THIS is what victory looks like!

They continued to battle their Kung Zhu Pets for over 1.5 hours!!!

Before long, they didn't need me anymore! The 11 of them put their heads together and kept coming up with new things to do with their new Kung Zhu Pets!

We did a lot of other fun things at the party too!  We had Kung Zhu Pilot Practice where the kids broke up into teams and made paper airplanes that they eventually flew to see which fighter jet went the furthest.
Team Kung Zhu Won!

Of course we had some munchies too!!

The kids loved the Kung Zhu Energy packs!!!

The new Kung Zhu Pets come with so many great accessories! Our kids loved the battle arena!!

You can get all of the Kung Zhu pets and accessories right now by going to Toys R US!

*Thank you so much to Mom Select and Zhu Zhu Pets for sending us all of the Kung Zhu Products to use for the party!*


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