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Can't believe it's Friday already, but even more, I can't believe it's JUNE!  Wowzers, I can't believe the year is HALF OVER!  It's been a crazy week for sure. It started out with lots and lots of rain. I don't mind my kids playing in it as long as it's warm and not lightening so they played in the rain a lot this week. When I looked out the window, however, I was not expecting to see THIS!

Funny, yes. It was at the time. I laughed and obviously took a picture.
Then this happened.

My 5 year old's ear swelled up double then triple the size it should be. Yikes. So off to Urgent Care we went!
Dr. said it was a bacterial infection caused either by a bug bite or from playing in dirty water. Hmmmmm. See picture above. *lol*  So he was put on a strong antibiotic along with Benadryl and Tylenol and lots of ice packs.

Bottom line. Lesson learned. No more mud puddles!

Have a great weekend!


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I hope your little boy is better now.

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Yikes! That looks like it hurts! Playing in puddles is so fun. My kids have yet to play in the rain, but I know they would love it!

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My hubby got an infection in his leg last year from a thorn bush! Makes you stop and go Hmmmm doesn't it?

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No mud puddles?? That's no fun! I'm really glad he's OK. Good luck. I don't think you can keep boys out of the mud. :0)

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Kerri said...

Lesson learned but at least they had fun, right? The three of them together smiling in that first pic is great.
Hope your sons ear is back to the right size.
Stopping in from Friday Follow...have a great weekend!!

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wow did his ear swell! Ouch!

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WOW...that is incredibly strange to have an infection on your EAR? Poor little guy! Hope everyone is all OK now. Adorable pics, especially that sweet little's pic. Oh what fun to run in the rain! My kids all loved it and they STILL do!

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