Monday, June 7, 2010

We're Rich!!!

It was another eventful weekend at the Crazy House that resulted in yet another trip to the E.R. (UGH!) but glad things got back to normal today! Nobody got much sleep on Friday night so we all slept like babies Saturday night and ended up oversleeping and missing church Sunday.. I actually didn’t mind because it gave us a chance to just hang around and be lazy together, not something we get to do very often!

After lunch, we headed out to the ballpark for a 2 hour baseball practice with Drew’s All Star team. I snuck away for a quick trip to the grocery but made it back just in time for Drew to bat. Good thing because his first at bat he cranked a homerun and I saw him look my way to make sure I was watching as he rounded 3rd base. I gave him a huge smile and a thumbs up so he knew I saw! His next at-bat he hit a triple. He’s on fire this year. I can’t describe the feeling I get watching him play so well. I’m so proud of him! It just makes my heart swell!

We got home and started supper….made Lemon Pepper Chicken and Corn on the Cob on the grill! Was a perfect match with our fresh veggie salad, green beans and watermelon! It was the first time we ever made corn on the grill and it was definitely yummy! After dinner, Josh and Emma went out to play and Drew stayed inside and hung out with me and the baby and we made some cookies. I was just making small talk with him and I asked him what his favorite part about our family was and his response was, “We’re rich!” Surprised by his response I ask him why he thinks we are rich. He says “Well we are, aren’t we?” So I ask him to give me specific reasons that make us rich and I was so shocked to hear what he had to say. Such wisdom in his 8 years! Here was his response.

“We have a lot of food. There are a lot of people who are starving and we have tons of food.

We have lots of nice clothes to wear. Some people wear rags and we all have lots of good clothes.

We have a car and a van. A lot of people don’t have either. We have both.

We have lots of toys and video games. A lot of kids don’t even have one toy and we have tons.

We have a big house to live in and some people have to sleep on the street because they don’t have a home.

We have a Mom and Dad. A lot of our friends only have one or the other and some kids don’t have a Mom or a Dad. My friend’s parents are having a divorce and that makes me feel sad.”

Wow. You know I always thought my job was to teach my kids but I have learned far more from them than I could ever teach them. We are rich!!! We have everything we could ever need. We have a family that’s full of love. Kids that are healthy. I would rather have those things than all the money in the world. Aiden started to fuss so I picked him up and danced with him around the kitchen to Louie Armstrong’s, “What a Wonderful World.” At that moment, everything was perfect in my life. I forgot about all of the things on my mind and felt thankful to have everything that I have been given. My beautiful family means the world to me and I am so thankful to have them. 4 wonderful kids. My hubby of almost 10 years. I must be the richest Mama in the world! And then suddenly, I was brought back to reality and realized that the warm feeling I had was spit-up running down my arm and my chocolate chip cookies were burning. Oh well. “And then I think to myself……what a wonderful world.”


  1. great post, we are rich, our wealth are them, the kids.. Every day we learn something thanks to them.

  2. This was beautiful. Thank your son for saying all that. You have done a great job.

  3. Beautiful post! I've had to stop myself and tell myself how blessed I am and how much I actually have to be thankful for.

  4. How true...and your kids are precious!

  5. Sarah...this DID warm my heart and no spit up in sight! What a tender-hearted little boy you have! IF they all were like this our world might have a wonderful should be ever-so-proud!

  6. So adorable! You have great kids...but I so wouldn't want spit up running down my arm LOL


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