Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Milson Road Facebook Giveaway

I was just recently introduced to Milson Road and I am totally in love!  I love special keepsakes that mean something to me so I think this is why I love the Milson Road Daily Portraits so much! What are they? The Daily Portrait™ — a PERSONALIZED, COMMEMORATIVE, FRAMED PRINT that captures and celebrates a milestone or special occasion within the context of the news of the day. 

We are going to be having a Milson Road party in the next couple weeks and I could not be more thrilled for ours to arrive for the party. We ordered ours to celebrate and remember Aiden's birth which has really changed our lives! (For the better of course!)

Right now they have just over 100 fans on Facebook and they are actually giving away one of their Daily Portraits when they hit 200 fans. It's a $165 value so definitely check it out Here!!!

Good luck! I hope one of you win!!

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