Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Out with the old, in with the new with Overstock

I still can't believe the Summer is almost over and before we know it, the kids will be going back to school. You know how I feel about that! I have been keeping my eyes out for the best deals in back to school gear because, let's face it. With 4 children, 3 which are going to be going to school soon, I have a lot to buy on a budget plus there are a lot of things we need around the new house. We have been looking at sofas and loveseats for awhile now. With 4 kids, ours has seen better days!  For some reason whoever remodeled this house didn't put ceiling lights in some of the rooms either so we would love to get some ceiling fans and table lamps in at least the living room.

Since we have a nice sunroom in the new house, I wouldn't mind having a new chaise to sit out there for when I just want to relax.  Of course, since my husband is determined to make that his man cave, he would probably prefer a flat screen tv.  I am not a fan of this idea, however. I took too long already getting nice furniture out there and he and the boys moved their video game system out there and put sports memoribilia on my nice shelves!!  I knew I should have claimed that as my room when we moved in!

Slowly we are getting everything we need in the new house, I just hope we can get it all finished before it's time to start buying Christmas! (Hey, don't laugh, it will be here before we know it!)  Be sure to check out for their latest and greatest deals!

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