Thursday, July 8, 2010

So ya had a bad day........

Today has been a bad day. So bad that I am actually ready for it to be bedtime so I can go to bed and wake up to a new start tomorrow. *lol* Ugh. A local company here where we live TOTALLY ticked me off today. Let me tell you the story and then tell me if I am being unreasonable.

A few weeks ago when we started moving, we came across a lot of stuff that we aren't using anymore so some of the stuff I put on Ebay and Craigslist. Some of it I gave away. The rest I just put in storage until I find something to do with it or someone who needs it. I had a couple new things that we never got around to using for the baby so I had my husband take them up to a shop in town called Mommy & Me.  These 2 items would cost around $100 in the store so I was thinking I could probably get a little bit out of them, especially because they were brand new. So we dropped them off and they told us that they had to look up the value of the items and then they would call us and let us know how much they would be willing to pay us for them. No big deal. Sounds easy and fair, right?

So 3 weeks past and today I realized that we had not heard from them. Hmmmmm. So the hubby called since his name was on the paperwork. They inform him that they have a check for him. Say what?! Nobody ever even called to see if we would accept what they were offering right, so how do they have a check? So sweet and calm hubby went up there and got the check. It was a whopping $16. So he calls me and knows I'm not going to be happy. I tell him to tell them to keep their check and get my stuff back, I can sell it online or in a garage sale later on. So we hang up and he calls back. Problem. They already sold both items. WHAT?!?!?!  Now I'm getting seriously upset!  So I call the place myself and my poor hubby just leaves the place. The lady informs me that nowhere in the contract does it say they will call us to give us an offer and that will only happen if they handwrite it on the bottom of the paperwork. (I can't tell you how mad I was getting as she was talking!)  So I kindly listen and then I inform her that SHE is the one who TOLD my husband that they would call with an offer and she pretty much says because it's not in the contract, they don't have to honor it. So then I'm not nice anymore. I AM TICKED!!!  I tell her that it was dishonest and bad business practice to be dishonest and sneaky like that. I inform her I am going to turn them into the Better Business Bureau. So guess what she says to me?! She says AND I QUOTE, "I will just call the police then?" lolololol  So I ask her what on Earth are you going to call the Police for? And she doesn't answer, knowing it was a stupid thing for her to say to me in the first place. lol So it was a no win. Nothing I could say or do was doing any good. So I hang up. So mad. And I call my hubby and tell him to just go get the check and be done with it only he wouldn't go back there so now I have to go up there and get it myself. lol Ahhhhhhhhh. So annoying and rude and frustrating. So I post it up on my Facebook page to find that 2 other Mamas I know had the SAME thing happen to them at this same place! What would you have done?


  1. The same thing happened to my friend at Once Upon a Child. I would defiantly report them. What they are doing is theft. They were suppose to call you with an offer, not sell it and give you a few bucks.

  2. I would do exactly as you said and call the BBB. If others are having this problem too, you will be doing others a favor by reporting them.

  3. I would report them for sure! People just lack customer service these days!

  4. I'd call every news station that would listen. They love stories like this ;)

  5. You are a lot nicer than I. Holy crap I would have been like a tornado in person in their shop. I would have made such a scene. I would report them and so much more. Stories like this make me so angry!
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  6. The owner is Sue Lore and her daughter. Kelli just had garage sale at Kid's Castle last weekend and Sue came and told her to contact her with what was left-she would buy. Kelli knew her because she used to work at Kmart-her daughter is Michelle-not sure of last name. Will warn Kelli!!

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  8. so, i would totally report it to the BBB...
    and call the news stations...
    and maybe write a letter to the editor of your paper...
    that is just WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. OMG, I so would have gone off , but I would not have let it stop there. I would have continued and continued because never once did I give you permission to sell my stuff.

    So, I have to say you are a better woman than I am just just be done with it.

    I am really sorry that happen.

  10. Absolutely report them to the BBB. Nasty people.

  11. I would have gone off on her.. I can be quite the B when I am being ripped off. I would go down there and demand replacements for my items or the price that she sold them for. You know she made a killing off those! I would be in the store during the busiest time making a scene. Owner won't want people seeing that!


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