Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sum Sum Summertime

Is it just me or is Summer FLYING?!?!?!  I was just at the store tonight and couldn't believe all of the school stuff out. I have to tell ya...I am dreading Summer ending as much as the kids. I enjoy sleeping in with them every day and chucking our schedule out the window so when Summer is over and we have to start following a tight schedule again, I'm going to be one bummed Mama!!  Anyhoo, we are really enjoying our Summer and have been spending a lot of time at my Aunt Judy's pool!  I am so thankful that my kids love the water, even the baby!  He just chills in his seat, all relaxed and cool!

Drew and Emma are getting pretty good in the water too!  Both of them are turning out to be pretty good swimmers and they just have a blast together! I swear, they could be twins. Of course, they are only 13 months apart. lol

I have been working with Joshy too on swimming. He is getting way more comfortable in the water but doesn't like it that the water is too deep and he can't touch the bottom. He still has fun playing w/ Mommy and Aiden though :)

Of course, it's always fun when Aunt Judy breaks out the Go-Kart. Josh would much rather do that any day of the week!  Josh loves Aunt Judy because she lets him drive!  (I think she has as much fun as he does!)

Since Daddy works the weekends (Boo!!) we have lots of picnics and days at the park!!

We found a new park that rocks!!  We are usually the only people there which is odd because it's a super nice park!!

The bigger kids are getting to be a lot of help with Aiden!  They just adore him.

Josh, of course, has to climb every tree in the park. This one resulted in a rash....poison oak maybe?!

Such nice, sunny weather we have been having here in Ohio!

The kids are teaching Aiden to sit!!

What a cutie!

I could just stare at him all day! What a doll.

And of course, in true Crazy House fashion, it wouldn't be a normal day without an unwanted guest!!! 
The kids left the sunroom open and Kermit paid us a visit! Ewww

Ah. Summertime. I hope you all are enjoying yours too!!


  1. I am glad someone is getting to enjoy the summer! I am stuck working every weekend by the lake which makes me want to ralph! :-)

  2. Those pictures are so perfect and YES, summer is flying. I can't believe July is almost over. I finally got around to looking through all of the Sunday paper circulars and it's ALL back to school. Gross!

  3. It looks like a fun summer is going on! It always flies by for me, too. When I worked before my daughter was born, I was a teacher, and I hated the fourth of July because it meant summer was almost over. Crazy, huh?

    An aside; recently a friend shared this with me and I think everyone should read it. It is about drowning and what drowning victims actually look like, rather than the splashing, screaming victims we see on tv and in movies. I see your kids swim in a pool, and I hope you'll take the time to read this. It blew me away; I had *no* idea.


  4. I cannot wait for summer to be over... simply because this heat is killing me! I live in the deep south where the heat and humidity is terrible. Add pregnancy to that and I am miserable! We spend out days inside. Can't wait for it to cool off!

  5. YES! Summer is drifting away. I can already tell it's getting darker quicker. Looks like you and your family are having fun though! :)

  6. So cute! Boy that pool looks so inviting. It has been so hot here that I am afraid if we swim (at the public pool) we may just boil like frogs in a pot. LOL


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