Friday, August 13, 2010

Acco Heroe's Contest Win $1,000 in Office/Organizational Supplies!

I don't know about you but I could really use some organization in my life!  I love the idea of this contest, rewarding a Mom for doing what she does every day!  I don't know how many days of mine have went something like this: Wake up, get the older kids to school, come back home to clean, do homework, go to class, get my preschooler to school, back home to clean more, pick kids up from school, snacks, take one kid to soccer while the other needs to go to gymnastics (on the other side of town, of course) back to pick everyone up, get them home for supper, homework, baths, bed and then time to clean some more! Whew. I got tired just typing that....but it's pretty much a day in my life and now, this school year, we will have a baby thrown into the mix. Fun times. So check out this contest that I am sure all of us would love to win!

Win $1,000 in home office products

ACCO Brands, a home organization and office supplies provider, has kicked off a
contest called "Everyday Heroes." They're asking you moms out there who keep it
all together for your households--and I'm assuming that's all of you---to share
your story for an opportunity to win $1,000 in home organization and office
products. We're talking a day in the life of you...working from home while fending
off the kids...being in five places at once while planning the 2-year-olds
birthday party...if it's happened to you, we want to know about it.

To submit a story, go to

and click on the "enter an everyday hero story" button.

Good Luck!

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