Thursday, August 5, 2010

And they just get CRAZIER!!!

So if you keep up with my posts, you will remember when I posted something about a week ago with my kids in their Halloween costumes from last year wanting to go Trick or Treating. (In JULY!)  I thought that was pretty crazy especially because Halloween isn't until the END of OCTOBER!!! *lol* So imagine my surprise when the 3 older kids walk up to me last night and each hand me a piece of paper with their CHRISTMAS lists!!!  *LOL* Are you kidding me right now?!  But the greatest was Joshua's list. You know, since he just turned 5 and doesn't know how to read or spell or anything yet. lol He is just getting ready to go to kindergarten this year but I was able to make out BLOCKS *lol*  I asked him what else this says and he said it also says "Cars, Train Track, Zhu Zhu pets and Games." 

So funny. And CRAZY! It's only August Lewis Kids! We still have to get through SCHOOL starting, Labor Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving before Christmas gets here!

And oh yea, did I mention Emma's list?! "Tickets to Hannah Montana or Justin Beiber." Um yea, so if any of you have any connections, please hook me up! *lol*

What CrAzY things have your kids been doing lately?


  1. That's hilarious! Thankfully Pie still has no idea what Christmas is, so she'll get whatever is under the tree :)

  2. Too funny!! I'm impressed with Joshua's list... I have first graders in the past who's writing looked like that!!

  3. As a new blogger, your posts always make me smile. Thank You... your kids are just too funny.


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