Sunday, August 8, 2010

B. Quote of the Summer Contest

Here at the Crazy House, the Crazy Kids say some pretty darn funny things. My husband and I joke all of the time that if we had written all of the funny things down that our kids say, we could have written a book and we might be rich today. Unfortunately, we didn't write them down so now we just think of them now and again and shake our heads and laugh.  Just last week I was joking with my 7 year old daughter, Emma, and I told her that it was time for her to learn to change a diaper so she'll know how to someday when she's bigger and she says to me, totally serious "When I'm a Mom, I just won't feed my baby then she won't ever have poopy diapers." *lol* Another day after taking Communion at church (Our church uses grape juice instead of wine) we had grape juice at dinner time and my son looked at me after taking a drink and said "Why are we drinking the blood of Jesus?!"  haha  And the list goes on and on and on. I'm sure your kids say some pretty funny things too, right?!

Two months ago, launched it's first website and started collecting kids quotes. What a BRILLIANT idea. I have already submitted a couple of my own because I think it's an awesome way to share our children's wisdom with the rest of the world!  Now, is having their first ever B. Quote of the Summer Contest!!!  My favorite part is that the winner will win $300 worth of (Which totally rock!) AND will donate $300 to a U.S. Kids Charity of the winner's choice!!!

How to enter: (From the website)

Go to the website and find the B. quote maker and enter your child’s quote. Share the quote with

friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, through email or by printing

a pretty card. Visitors to our Quote Gallery (including YOU, your friends and

family) will vote for their favorite quote via the Facebook LIKE button.

At the end of the summer, the quote with the most LIKE votes wins!

The Prize?

If the quote you entered receives the most LIKEs by Labor Day you win

$300 worth of B. toys for you AND $300 worth of B. toys for the US kids’

charity of your choice!

The Rules? Rules? Rules in the summer??

Yep. Rules in the summer. Some states require them for contests like these. There is

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! (Aren’t the best things about summer free?) You

do have to enter your quote(s) between August 6th and midnight September 6th.

You can vote only once (by selecting the LIKE button) per quote per Facebook

account. Deadline? At midnight (EDT) of Labor Day (September 6th) the voting

will be closed and LIKEs counted. The quote with the most number of LIKEs will be

declared the winner. There are more rules, too. Can you believe it? Our lawyers do and

insist we provide them. Read the Rules and Regulations on our website:

Tiebreaker? No, tie-sharer!

In the event of an equal number of LIKEs for 2 or more quotes, The Prize will be divided equally.
So starting in the a.m., go visit the website and start entering those quotes!!!  And look for mine because I am sure to have some in there too and I'll be fighting you all for the prize! A friendly fight of course!

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