Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blogmania Early Entries

Even though Blogmania is still a couple weeks away, I am going to start posting early entry opportunities next week!  These extra entries will include visiting Sponsors websites, fan pages, etc. When it actually comes time for Blogmania, I will add the extra entries to the entries from the actual event and include them in the random drawing for winners. Be sure to keep your eye out so you can get all of the extra entries so that way, you can enter quickly during Blogmania and go on to the other blogs quickly and easily! We have great sponsors and we want to make sure we support them and thank them for offering such great giveaway items for this HUGE event!  Blogmania will include over 150 blogs with TONS of giveaways over a 2 day period and you will NOT want to miss it!!!!  I am so glad the Crazy House has been given the chance to participate!


  1. You may have already said this and I missed it, but... Is this only open to the US, or can Canadians enter too?

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