Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's a BIRD, It's a PLANE, NOoooo, It's a TOOTH and it's about to get a whole lot CrAzIeR!!!

So I told you before that on Monday, August 9th, our little guy turned 6 months. Well much to my surprise, by the end of that very same day, he cut his very first tooth!!! I found out the hard way when I was nursing him and he chomped down. OUCH!  But this week has been a very productive week for that tooth! It has slowly worked itself in and more and more of it becomes visible every day. The tooth right beside it is almost here too so this is explains the crankiness and the buckets of slobber. Oh fun times!!  He is growing so fast and I swear, I love him more EVERY DAY!  He is just getting cuter and cuter and I just love to cuddle with him and hold him and love on him!!  Look at that face! How could I not want to?!?!?!

So yea, 6 months has turned out to be an exciting age for us but guess what?! He wasn't done yet!  I guess he wanted this to be a week we remembered. So last night I was cleaning and I had laid him on a blanket to play while I bounced from room to room. When I came back in the room, he was moving backwards and was halfway across the room!!!!!!!  He some how figured out this backwards army crawl kind of thing and he was on the move!!  So the older 3 have already gotten the lecture. They HAVE to start making sure they pick up EVERYTHING off of the floor! I told them any time they walk into the room, they need to make it a habit to look around and make sure there is nothing small Aiden can pick up and stick in his mouth!  I have noticed that his pincer grasp is getting pretty good and he can really reach out and pick up just about anything right now, even the teeny tiny things I don't notice half the time. Ahhhhh.  This would probably be the perfect time to invest in some baby gates!!

School is right around the corner. Back to School night here is on the 23rd and then the first day of school is the 25th. We will have one in Kindergarten, 2nd and 3rd. CRAZY! And as if that will not be hectic enough, both Drew and Emma are in soccer. Emma has her first practice today.....we still need to get info on Drew's but nonetheless, it's going to be crazy because they are in different leagues which means 2 different teams. That means I'm probably going to have to really learn to spread myself thin here really soon having them in 2 different places...probably at the same time most of the time. Ugh! I thought since they are only 13 months apart that they would be in the same league this year but apparently Drew moved up a league. Fun times. In September Emma will be starting voice lessons as well so that's just another thing to throw in the mix. I am crossing my fingers hoping she doesn't decide she wants to do gymnastics this fall again or I might go insane!

Ah. I love this Crazy House!

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  1. He is just too, too, precious! He looks so like my boy when he was little too! All my children are grown now, so your fun has yet to unravel. I'm your latest follower. I found you on someone else blog & the title to your blog caught my eye! I said I live in one of those. So, nice to meet you! We already have something in common. Have a great day!


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