Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Feature at the Crazy House

I love blogging. To me, blogging is a fun way to share my life and my family with the world. When I first started the Crazy House, I have to admit that I was slightly clueless.  Looking back now, I even laugh at myself for some of the things I did but I learned as I went and I did it mostly on my own. Lucky for me, I had a friend or two who were happy to answer my questions along the way but for the most part, I was on my own.

I remember when I had a giveaway that I was so excited to host and I asked the 3 biggest blogs that I knew to help me out by posting something short and sweet on their blogs or Facebook pages about it and all 3 responded back with a big fat NO! I was SHOCKED! For the most part, we all blog for the same reasons. We get to SHARE our families, our lives, share great new products and meet new friends!  I have always made it a point to help other Bloggers when they ask for help. If it weren't for the readers who enter our giveaways and contribute to our posts, our blogs would cease to exist.

So now here's your chance to share! 

Starting next week, every Friday will be Sharing Friend Friday at the CrAzY HoUsE!  Got a giveaway you want to share?! Hosting a special event?! Fundraising?! Having a great sale in your shop?! Whatever it is, we want to hear it! 

Simply email me at sarahlewis06 at aol dot com and give me the deets and I'll include it in our weekly Sharing Friend Friday post!  All events for consideration must be sent to me no later than Thursday nights at 10:00 p.m. so I have plenty of time to get them included in the post.

Feel free to grab our button and post it on your page too so other's can share too!  Happy Sharing!

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  1. Fun! Although I am not familiar with give aways and how they work I am looking forward to this!! Sounds like a great idea!

  2. Wow...I can't believe they flat out told you no! I
    Anyways, great idea -- look forward to it! =)


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