Thursday, August 12, 2010

PS3 Move House Party

I know by now you ALL know about House Party, right?! Well we are so excited that the Crazy House got chosen to host a party for the PS3 Move controllers which are coming out in September!  We were so excited to get the package in the mail this week!!!!!  The Fedex man brought them by 9 a.m. and my boys had it all hooked up and they were playing within minutes!  The funniest part was, both Andrew and Josh were playing in their boxers because they had just gotten out of bed and one of the programs they were in takes random pictures while you are playing so we had some hilarious shots of them playing. We took a spur of the moment trip to my Parents and took it along there too so we could show them too. Great way to keep the kids moving because they are on a strike from going outside. We have had heat index warnings all week and it's just too hot to go outside.

In our package we received 2 Move controllers, A Web Cam, a game demo cd, frisbees, can holders, 2 coupons for free 12 packs of Coke Products, a $5 Subway card, magnet frames and funny pins for all of our guests to wear. I was impressed with the entire package but notsomuch with the game demo cd. The original email from House Party said we would receive a "Game Bundle" but really it's just a cd of demo have to download them and you don't even get to play all of the levels. But I won't complain. It's still an awesome package. Just stinks that we have to wait for games to come out so we can play them instead of just demos.

Anyway, we are looking forward to our party. We love the PS3 Move controllers and our friends can't wait either! Check out House Party. They have some other great parties up for grabs right now!


  1. Very cool Sarah! I learned about HouseParty from you and we just recently had our DJ Hero Party for Xbox! I am trying to get my husband to do the review since he has played it more than me :)

  2. That's great! I love House Party! We hosted the DJ Party Hero. I'm signed up for the new Playschool one, and *really, really, really* want to be picked!


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