Friday, August 20, 2010

A Special Request

I don't often blog about things that are bothering me....I try to be positive and upbeat in all of my posts. Today, however, I have an extremely heavy heart. I shared with you all awhile back about my friend Jennifer who has Inflammatory Breast Cancer. If not, read it Here!  I know I am always asking you for favors. Vote for us here, vote for us there. Follow us. Like us. You know I do. But this has been a bad week for Jenn and if you believe in prayer, I am asking you to do me a favor and pray for her. Please. I still believe God can give her a miracle. I can't get her family off of my mind. I would like to share a journal entry today from her Mom that just broke my heart. Please read it and realize that this is a real person. A Daughter. A Mommy. A Wife. A Sister. A Friend. And if you are a believer, please say a prayer for Jennifer and her family.

Dana's Journal Entry from 8/20/10.

"The last few days have been a nightmare for our family. Wed. morning around 4:30 am Andy was reaching over to ck on Jennifer because she had not slept all night and he had noticed that she was finally getting some rest, but he felt that something was not right so he tried to wake her and could not, then he turned on the bedroom lights to find Jennifer’s hands & face blue. He quickly lifted her head and tried to get her up but cld not wake her, he yelled for Paul and he came in the room to also see jenn blue, Paul came to get me and we ran upstairs I seen my daughter lifeless, I cld 911 and then went into cpr mode. The operator on the phone walked me thru the steps. Jennifer had no pulse, wld not respond and a fate heartbeat, her chest was not moving but I still felt a little heartbeat so I began chest compressions. In just a few moments the fire dept, police and ems came in the room, they also believed that we were going to lose her, they wanted to hook her up to some stuff but the one man said no get her out of here, they had to give her a shot to reverse any meds that was in her and then took her out. On the way to the hospital they pulled over and gave another shot yelling at her to hang on almost there. When we arrived they rushed her in the trauma unit and began working on her, about 30 min or so later Jennifer started crying she cld not breathe and to help her. Awhile later she calmed down and did not remember anything except men yelling at her that they were losing her and to hang on they wld be there in a min. Jennifer said all she cld mumble was ELI & Jesus, but no one knew what she was saying.

The doctors did admit Jennifer in the hospital and took her off all drugs except the morphine for her pain. They don’t really know what happen but since then she has been thru many more test and today we were told that she may have server nerve damage and that is why she has not been able to eat in the last 5 weeks, her nerves wld not allow the food to go down or liquid and the little liquid that did pass went in hers lungs or airway. Also she may have a virus similar to polio that the cancer plays a part in and has damaged more nerves than we even know at this point. As I type this they have just came to take Jennifer down to or to draw liquid from her spine and see what that shows. Also now that they know Jennifer has been starving and the body has been shutting down they are going to put a feeding tube in her and she cannot take anything by mouth. They are going to try to do that today but may not be able to till Monday.

Jennifer is still amazing me YES she is scared, We all are but watching her do all this and receive bad news over and over again and still so positive, I am telling you, I have never seen faith in action like I see in her. SHE IS A FIGHTER, all the years I was on her about her being so stubborn has surly paid off cuz she has her mind made up and holding to GODS HAND. She lifts us up, she encourages all of us, she still worries about the choir and the music for church, she BELIEVES more than ever before.

I wish I had a ounce of her faith, I know I am selfish but I need my daughter and I wont give her up to this cancer. We had a pastor that is so precious to our family come and visit Jennifer yesterday that when he walked in the room the anointing followed him and he didn’t give us religious words but real truth from the heart that Jennifer and myself needed so much, we needed to be reminded and put things in perspective in the middle of our hell. Our life has been turned upside down, and yes I do question and if you don’t whatever, but I do and I don’t understand, and I never will. Some say Jennifer is going thru this to lead others to Christ, well let me tell you if others turn from God that is there loss Punish them. I don’t believe the God I serve would punish a young girl with a beautiful child and family that love her and have tried to raise her according to his word for others unbelief. So yes I do have many questions and I am sorry for rambling but I do need answers and I am so confused.

Jennifer can not even have her name submitted in the trial testing for the chemo with all this going on right now, so please pray we need a miracle now, today, we need god to move and just speak the word and let the cancer fall off of her.

Sitting in this hospital waiting for her to come back from the procedure is nerve racking and I guess I just kept typing my thoughts, I don’t know a whole lot right now but I do know our family needs and depends on your prayers, the bible says and I have always believed it, that the faith of a mustard seed could move a mountain, this is our mountain please move it please Lord."

God please help my friend. And please help the Doctors find a cure so nobody else has to go through this ever again.


  1. Wow Sarah, that hits right in the heart! Can not imagine one of my daughters going thru this. Strong Mom to be able to even have her wits to enter into the journal. Guess this is a way to have her daughter near to her even tho Jenn can not respond. Bless that whole family and thanks for sharing.

  2. She is lucky to have a friend like you. When I was diagnosed, all of my friends went running scared. I haven't heard from them since the day I told them. You are both in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Wow-you guys are in my prayers!

  4. I pray from my deepest heart that she will recover and be healthy again. I personally do not believe that God punishes anyone. What happens on this earth is simply what happens, and I believe that God walks beside us every step of the way. He is walking with Jennifer and her family now, and will be with them throughout this journey. Many heartfelt prayers to you, Sarah, and to Jenn and her entire family.

  5. Sitting hear reading this post as tears stream down my cheeks, I am wordless.........said a prayer for Jennifer, her family and her loving friends. All of you are in my prayers and WHY CAN'T THEY FIND A DARN CURE FOR THIS GOD AWFUL DISEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sorry for your friend, God Bless :(

  6. i believe in miracles jennifer i hope you pass these messages on to her i will be praying for her and her family.Life is really hard but as believers we know that God is in control The lord has his hand on this situation and everyone who is involved has to remember that and trust and believe in him, Trust and know that whatever happens is what He wants The Lord our God says ." For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11 this verse is one to sit on marinate on it. This verse has helped me sooo much in times of trials. Jennifer and your family I pray Peace for You and for everyone who is involved i pray for the peace of God to rain on your mind body and soul. God Bless you and God be with you. I am praying with you!!!

  7. praying...What an awful situation

  8. Love to you and Jennifer. I lost my best friend Lisa to IBC two years ago next month. I still haven't made peace with it. I will pray for Jennifer and her family.


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