Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Facebook 1,000 Fan Celebration Flash Giveaway With Raising My 5 Sons

It seems like yesterday we had just created our Crazy House Facebook Fan Page and now, we have nearly 800 followers!!  Yay for all of you who follow us!!!

I have been following Mandee @ Raising My 5 Sons for quite some time now and recently, we both saw on each other's fan pages on Facebook that we were each planning a Flash Giveaway. Being that we have almost an identical number of fans, we talked and decided it would be a BLAST to have a joint flash giveaway on our Facebook pages at the SAME time for all of our Facebook fans!!

So that is what we are doing! We have some awesome sponsors lined up to giveaway on the night of our 1,000 fan help us along! If you don't yet, be sure to like both the Crazy House and Raising My 5 Sons on Facebook and be sure to share us with your friends! As soon as we both hit 1,000 we will make a date for the flash giveaway event! Prizes include gift certificates, baby gear, cloth diapers, Halloween goodies and much much more!!!!

We are still taking sponsors too so if your company/shop wants to donate something towards the flash giveaways (It will give you tons of new Facebook fans!!!) give me a shout! No prize is too big or too small!
Just shoot me a message at sarahlewis06 at aol dot com!


  1. I'm pretty new, but I'm just not sure what a
    'flash' giveaway is?? I'm excited for it anyways! And like you both on Facebook. ;)


  2. Both of you are the folks that got me started wanting to blog and wanting to do reviews..hats off to you ladies and continued success!


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