Friday, September 10, 2010

Help Another Crazy House Fan Out!

If there is one thing I have tried to get across to all of my readers is how much I appreciate you all! It is YOU faithful readers and followers that keep our page going!  Because of that, from time to time you will see me post contests that our readers are in to try to help them win! You all are always voting for us, so it's our way of saying THANK YOU!!!

Recently, a Crazy House facebook fan left a link on our profile asking us to vote for her so she can have a photobooth at her wedding next month. I was thinking about how awesome that would have been to have at my own wedding and so I really really really want to help her win!!!!  How cool to say that the Crazy House helped she and her fiance get this awesome addition to their wedding?!

So here's Jeni and Mike! They are getting married on 10.10.10 and really need YOUR help!  All you have to do is go to their photographers Facebook page Here and write her name, Jeni White, on their wall! So easy to do and we will be helping these 2 have an even more wonderful wedding! 

And of course I would never ask you to do something and it NOT benefit you somehow so if you do this, please feel free to take 2 extra entries on a giveaway of your choice! Just say you voted for Jeni White!

You all are the best fans ever!


  1. The link to their photographers FB page is broken! I can't vote!! Gah!

  2. Here's the link guys:!/FinishedVision?v=wall

  3. I commented on their page for her---hope she wins :)

  4. I wrote Jeni White on the photographers wall. what an adorable couple and love the wedding date choice!

    dropcqueen at yahoo dot com

  5. I posted for Jeni, my niece is also getting married that same date. So nice of you to help others!

  6. I left her name on the page. Hope they win...that would be so much fun!


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