Friday, September 17, 2010


We interrupt this day because we NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember when I posted Here about a Crazy House fan needing our help to win a photo booth at her wedding?! At that point she was only 60 votes behind........and then, out of the blue, these other 2 brides-to-be swooped ahead of her and are now 400 votes ahead.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. This kills me, you know! I made it my mission to help Jeni White win this amazing photobooth at her wedding and now, more than ever, she needs us!!!

So guess what?! Someone, a very generous someone, said she REALLY wants Jeni to win. So here's what she did. She contacted me and said "Run a contest. Everyone who votes for Jeni gets a chance to win a $50 Prepaid Visa." So that's what we are doing. We really want to pull together and help Jeni White win this photobooth at her wedding.

So here's what you gotta' do........go to her wedding photographers facebook page at this link. All you have to do is write "Jeni White" on their wall. After you do, leave a comment here OR on our Facebook fan page  (There's a special thread to leave your comment) and after the contest is over, we are going to put all the names together, pick one at random and then I will be sending out the Visa card. And if you want an extra entry, post the contest on your FB page too and leave a comment saying you did for an extra entry. And if you want ANOTHER 3 extra entries, make a blog post about the giveaway/photobooth contest and leave an extra 3 comments saying you did! It's so easy to do and we will be helping her out sooooo much! There's only a few more days to vote.....lets do this!!!!!!!


Beth said...

Voted on their FB page for Jeni White

Jessica said...

i voted!

Jessica Cotten (Ayerdis)

Heidi said...

Voted for Jeni on facebook.
heidikittelson at gmail dot com

Doubly Blessed said...

voted for her

heather vitalec said...

I voted on FB!! yay hope she wins!

Robyn said...

voted for Jeni on Facebook, lots of luck to her!!

adventuresnabbyland at

Robyn said...

created a blog post to help get more votes for Jeni :)

adventuresnabbyland at

Robyn said...

created a blog post to help get more votes for Jeni :)
entry #2

adventuresnabbyland at

Robyn said...

created a blog post to help get more votes for Jeni :)
entry #3 keeping my fingers crossed for her :)

adventuresnabbyland at

The Tesdalls said...

I voted for Jeni on facebook!!

BJ said...

I hope More people come out...right now she's in third...My fingers are crossed...Good luck Jeni!!!!
Best wishes!!!!!

Josh & Calendi Svihula said...

I voted for Jeni. I hope she wins!

Monkey's mama said...

I voted for her on the FB page just now :))


Misty said...


Kim@Chubby Cheeks Thinks said...

I voted last night! Almost forgot to leave a comment! :)

Kim Hlavka

ape2016 said...

I voted for Jeni White.

ape2016 said...

I posted this contest on my FB wall.

Brooke said...

I voted for Jeni White on facebook

Shannon said...

I voted for Jeni! Fingers crossed!!

alissa4illustration said...

I voted. Alissa Spiehs-Apel

Karen Propes said...

Voted for Jeni on facebook wall!

The Green MomSter said...

I voted for Jeni White on their facebook page

my facebook name is Lindsie Meese to confirm

elkmeese at yahoo dot com

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