Friday, September 17, 2010

Momz in the Mix

Angelyna Martinez and Mari Deno are the faces behind Momz in the Mix,a premiere website geared towards inspiring, celebrating, and empowering moms from all walks of life, be it stay-at-home moms, working moms, or single moms, here in Hollywood and around the globe!  As Los Angeles’s resident “mommy experts, ” Angelyna and Mari manage the site firsthand, producing, directing, editing, and uploading all the original episodes.  MITM was created out of a necessity to help mothers not to feel alone and isolated after childbirth as millions of women do, and their goal is to break the stigma that is attached to motherhood by revealing that today’s modern mom completely thinks out of the box and dares to do so differently!

Momz in the Mix’s site seeks to nurture the woman inside the mother by helping her to find a haven where she can identify with other mothers who look to define themselves as the multi-faceted women that they are outside from the roles the world forces upon them like mother, wife, and employee.  Whether a working mother on the go, Mompreneur, domestic engineer, rookie mom, or mother with an empty nest, there is something for every woman to identify with, be self indulgent with, and to keep her dreams alive with.  You never know what celebrity mother will pop up for a sit-down or red carpet interview, be it Pamela Anderson, Ali Landry, or even James Cameron and his mother.  Celebrity mom gossip and fashion is also mixed in with other fun topics like Momedy, Sexy Mom Talk, Everyday Momz, up-to-the-minute news on mom owned-and-operated enterprises, Mommercials for gadgets and products to help moms manage their busy lives, and Angleyna and Mari’s personal blogs where they give their own unique take on all things MoM for real life MOMZ IN THE MIX.

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