Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Recipes for Kids from Easy Entertaining Inc.

This is my favorite time of year to do fun stuff in the kitchen and I have 3 eager helpers aged 5, 7 and 8 and a little guy who loves to roam the floors looking for anything we might drop!

In celebration of fall, Chef Katie over at Easy Entertaining has developed two new recipes aimed at children aged 6+ that are perfect for back to school lunches and are a perfect way to get the kids involved in the kitchen!!

Kait’s Kid’s Tuna or Chicken Salad:

This is a great way to sneak some veggies and protein into your child’s diet. There is a lot of mixing

going on, and we all know that if kids get to mix on their own, they are more inclined to enjoy the

meal! If they don’t like tuna (Mine don't!), you can easily substitute chicken.

1 can of tuna (or chicken!), soaked in water

1/4 cup of plain greek yogurt, fat free

1/4 of reduced fat mayo, canola or olive oil preferred

1/2 cup of celery (chopped by the kids with a butter knife, is fine)

1/4 of unsalted, or low salt mixed nuts

one ear of scallions or green onions chopped, by butter knife with your child

1/4 cup of crasinis, or other dried fruit, with low sugar

1/4 cup of grapes, chopped, with a butter knife

Open can of tuna or chicken and drain. Add each of the next ingredients to a mixing bowl

and gently mix. Easy Peasy! 
Kait’s Grilled Banana-Almond Supreme

This is a great sweet recipe to sneak picky kids protein. It features almond butter, which is a bit higher in protein than peanut butter, and has more omegas 3s than its counterpart. If your kid’s don’t like the texture, you can swap in a peanut butter, enhanced with Omega 3’s. Please supervise your kids with their first few times using the stove top.

2 slices of whole grain bread, pepperidge farm white-wheat is a great kid-friendly option (The Crazy house kids prefer this over the "nasty brown bread" as they call it! haha)

one medium banana, sliced with a butter knife, into 1/4 inch rounds

2tbs of almond butter

1 tbs of unsalted butter, divided

Slice your bananas, and prepare each side of your sandwich with one TBS of almond butter per slice.

Place your bananas on one side of the bread. Warm your small saucepan over medium heat, with a 1/2

tbs of your unsalted butter. After the butter melts, place your sandwich in. Allow for it to grill over

the medium heat for 2 minutes. Don’ t turn up the heat. Then, place your other 1/2 tbs of butter in

the pan, and flip your sandwich. Allow it to grill for another minute. Remove from the pan. Turn off

the heat. Allow your sandwich to cool and enjoy. Don’t forget the dishes!!

Before you go, be sure to click Here to watch Chef Katie demonstrate the recipes with a nine year old Sous Chef, Brook!  Each day, young Brook struggles with autism but she shines in the kitchen!

Have fun cooking with your children!

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  1. I really like both of these recipes especially because they could easily be prepared with my kids help. I love getting them involved because then making dinner because memories of time we spent together. I work with Better Recipes so I am always reviewing recipes and I really love finding Easy Recipes I can make with my kids. Thanks!


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