Friday, September 17, 2010

Rhonda Shear Intimates Review

Former Miss. Louisiana and celebrity TV Host, Rhonda Shear, from USA’s “Up All Night,” is known for her beauty and style. Now, she is sharing her secret to always looking great with her women’s intimates and shapewear line that is sexy, comfortable, affordable and can slim you, instantly! Shear Intimates is the perfect product line for moms that still want to feel sexy under any outfit.

We were recently sent some great products to try out from Rhonda Shear Intimatesand I have to say, we were thrilled with them!!!

 Rhonda Shear Intimates include the new Fall 2010 collection and her "5 products that will Slim You, Instantly."  Rhonda has sold over 3 million products and her line is one of HSN's top selling products!!

Most products like this that I have tried have been very uncomfortable. They always seem so tight and restrictive and I usually end up going and ditching them midway through the day. The products we tried from Rhonda's line were completely different!  First of all, they are actually so comfortable that I didn't even remember I had them on!!  I have a larger than average chest and I was super impressed with the support that the bra's gave me as well. Usually I have to buy ugly bra's because they don't make the pretty one's in my size but I was pleasantly surprised with the bra's we received.  The material was luxurious feeling and they gave me the support that I needed! 

I generally do NOT like high-wasted briefs at all but even this was a product from Rhonda Shear's Intimates that I actually liked!  I loved how smooth it made me look and feel underneath my dress when I wore it! It gave me a much slimmer look and made me much more confident!!

Definitely check out the Rhonda Shear website and check out some of the other great products!!!

A little about Rhonda:

Rhonda Shear is best known as the star and late night host of USA Network’s long-running, hit television series, “USA: Up All Night,” as well as from several memorable film appearances. Recently, she has transitioned much of her fan base merging it with exceptional, business acumen to become one of the most successful shapewear and intimates designers. Her formula successfully combines Hollywood glamour with contemporary fashion yielding comfortable, beautiful and affordable garments which are available worldwide.

Rhonda Shear’s Hollywood career, and the trust of women wanting to look and feel as fabulous in their own skin as they do in their intimate apparel, grew from her incredible success as an ingénue on the beauty pageant circuit where she won over 40 major pageants including “Miss Louisiana.” After graduating with a B.A. in Communications, Rhonda became the youngest woman ever to run for public office (in New Orleans). Rhonda was ready to take on the world and with a nod from Bob Hope she was quickly on her way to becoming a star with a solid acting and modeling career in Hollywood.

As the host of “USA: Up All Night,” Rhonda’s adorable presence beamed into living rooms weekly for eight years and over 400 shows which quickly established herself as one of TV’s sexiest stars. She was featured on every talk show and in countless magazines including People and Playboy. As Rhonda’s acting career soared, her career trajectory opened the door proving that comedy can be sexy…and sexy can be smart. She began headlining as a successful comedienne in Las Vegas, LA, and New York. Simultaneously, her original idea – “Comedy PJ Party” – became the hottest show on the road and paved the way for similar concepts.

Rhonda married her childhood sweetheart, Van Fagan, after reuniting on in 2001. With romance in bloom, she embarked on yet another incredible venture and began to build her own line of women’s lingerie, sleepwear and shapewear through their company St. Petersburg, Florida-based Shear Enterprises, LLC. Her designs focus on comfort and support without sacrificing femininity or style. Rhonda goes to great lengths with hands-on input with all of her designs emphasizing they are wearable, beautiful, and fun. She personally develops each product in her line, choosing fabrics and colors women love and adding details that sets the line apart from others.

Rhonda Shear’s Intimates line is featured on television shopping networks around the world, including Home Shopping Network, The Shopping Channel in Canada and Ideal World Shopping: UK. She has been featured by leading industry publications such as BODY Magazine, and in countless fashion shows including Fashion Week Tampa Bay. After moving to St. Petersburg a couple years ago, she launched her own retail hub, Maison Rouge by Rhonda Shear, where women of all shapes, sizes and ages are sure to find that perfect something. Plans are underway for her own television reality show, hitting the air in 2011.

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*This is not a sponsored post. I only share my honest opinion. I received product free of charge to review!*

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