Friday, September 3, 2010

Winners Galore

I am finding that having a bunch of winners together is much easier than doing so many single posts. Having said that, I have a TON of winners to list here. Congrats to you all! Didn't win?! Don't give up! There are still tons of chances to win!  If you are on this list, please shoot me an email at if you don't receive one from me by 9:00 p.m. EST tonight.....sometimes certain email addresses hate me and send me to Spam or out in cyber space!

Weleda # 130, Mrs. Liberty

Angelina Ballerina DVD # 12, Skgaff

Zuvo #135, Set89

ABC Children #1, Amy Messick

Picnic Tote, #79, Ahil09

Organic Sunblock #12, Colleen M

Pedometer, #4, Alison

Citizenpip Lunch System #163, Stasha

Doopsy Cloth Diaper, #28 ElizaRae

Baby By Krista Quilt, #142, Love Made Visible

Tie or Flower Onesie from KC Art N Crafts #98, Kirsten

Amber Teething Necklace, # 34, Cee

Poppin Dots Tie Onesie, #32, Mandee

Bumkins Lunch Box, #25, Angie Wadsworth

Frecklebox Lunch Box, #11, Donna

Hatley Dish Set #57, Ashley 2010

Personalized Burp Cloth Set, #161, Katychick

Wow, Didn't realize there were that many!!!!

Have a FABULOUS weekend! Happy Labor Day to all our U.S. readers!!!

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