Friday, October 1, 2010

Flash Giveaway Results

Wow. So as I am sitting here typing, I am slowly recovering from last night's 1,000 fan celebration flash giveaway on our Facebook fan page. As most of you know, it was our first one and I would like to say that it was a HUGE success!  We had so much fun and even though it was crazy, hectic and even confusing at times, we got a lot of new fans, met a lot of fun new people and I can't tell you how many laughs I had reading all of the posts.  I definitely think a "repeat" is in order.....I just need a couple weeks to recoup, organize, etc. so be on the lookout because we will so do it again!!!

I have had a lot of sponsors ask me about, what's in it for them. I can tell you that I got tons of positive emails last night from very happy sponsors who got 100-200 new fans in a matter of 3 minutes. The question is, do they stick around after the giveaways are over?! I can't answer that because this was my first one but talking to others who have done them before, it appears that 95% DO in fact stick around which to me makes it a successful marketing promo. I happen to KNOW that social networking is where it is at. If you have a company/shop/business and you don't utilize the free marketing venues that are available to you (Like Facebook and Twitter), you are seriously behind the times!!  Just think....most of these places offered prizes worth between $10-$30 last night yet they gained 100+ new potential customers! 

I am excited to use this new tool to have FUN with our readers and help promote new businesses. I have already had shops who participated say they want in again for the next one and that makes me so excited because we had the honor to share some really cool companies that even I didn't already know about. And if you are interested in sponsoring our next one, it's really easy...just shoot me an email at sarahlewis06 at aol dot com and we will add you to the list! It's free so utilize it! :)

Oh yea, and in case you were wondering, here is a list of all of the winner's from last night in case some of them got buried! Most winners have contacted me but I am still waiting to hear from some. If you are on this list, please shoot me an email with which prize you won and your address so I can forward to the sponsor (if you haven't already)!


Tonya Saunders Klenke.....Earings from Etsy Madness

Jessica Leigh Smith....Crown from Bella Roos

Colleen Maurina...Nursing Pads from Rivetting, Joyous Creations Gift Designs

Southern Bellas.......$10 to Jady Bugs Bows

Jessie Volrath Hamblen.....Styles Wipes Travel Case

James Diaperdad.....Doopsy Cloth Diaper + Super Doopsy Insert

BJ Gaskill.....Custom Bow from Lil Divas and Dudes

Sheila Vanhorn Gass....$10 to Emmy's Closet

Kelly Woods...Diaper/Wipes case from Lilybugs Baby Boutique

Valerie Bollenbacher Pierson....Trick or Treat bag from Poppin Dots Boutique

Jen Bengston.....CD from Tot Talk

Kelli Jones....CD from Tot Talk

Kelly Hembree Heller....Halloween Clips from Sweet Lil' Mama

Annmarie DiPasqua Weeks.....Pocket Diaper from Sage Diaper

Carla Garcia....$25 Prize Pack from Grab a Scab

Sarah De La Cruz....Ruffled Twirl Skirt from Aliyas Hope Chest

Kristen Huss....Wool Longies from Nifty Nappies

Tiffany King....Nascar K'nex Set

Whew. I think that is all of them.

Congrats to the winners. Thank  you all for playing!

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  1. I had a blast last night. My sister in law and I were on the phone together the whole time, entering..and I even got myself blocked from commenting on Facebook, which I thought was hilarious! My son is two and potty trained so there wasn't much there for him, I did enter the tu-tu giveaways and some of the hair bows to give as gifts, but I didn't win anything. I'll definitely be there next time! Thanks so much for all the hard work!


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