Thursday, October 14, 2010

Make the Holidays special with Personalized Holiday Cards from Purple Trail

Every year our family spends a great deal of time creating our own personalized Holiday Cards. There is just something special about making your own and sharing them with those you love rather than the cheap store bought cards.  I think cards reflect a lot about how you feel and they show those you love either, "I am sending these cards because I truly care about you and want you wish you well" or "I put a half hearted effort into sending these cards because I feel obligated to send them out every year because that's just the thing to do."

We would like to share some tips with you on how to make your Holiday Cards extra special this year!

1.) Include a photo! This is one of our favorite things to do! We love getting a new picture taken every year for our Holiday cards! We love receiving photo cards as much as we do sending them because we can display them and it's a great way to share your family with those who you might not see all of the time!  It doesn't have to be a professional photo shoot....get the family together and have a friend or a neighbor snap a picture!

2.)  Make them your own! Include fun clipart and colors to reflect your family! Make them funny or sentimental, whatever reflects who your family is! My family is kind of on the crazy side so making up fun and humerous cards is something we enjoy doing!

3.)  Include fun quotes, poems, etc. to make them unique but also consider who is receiving them! For our religious friends and family we like to include special verses from the Bible, especially for Christmas! For our not so spiritual friends and families we like to include more secular pictures and poems!

4.)  Add a distinctive look by using glitter and shine! I love glitter!!!!! It makes things sparkle and stand out! I think these elements are what determine if your card is going to e displayed on someones fireplace or tucked away in a drawer!

5.)  Add personal messages to let those you love know how special they are to you!! Maybe a "Thank you for being a great teacher for my child" or a "Thanks for being there" for a special friend or member of your family.

I think if you are going to send out cards you should make them special. Make them look like you really mean what they say.

 If you arent' ambitious enough to make your own, Check out Purple Trail to make fun, unique personalized holiday cards!!!  They offer countless choices and the website is extremely easy to use!

*I am creating this post in hoping to win a gift code from Purple Trail for Holiday Cards!*

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