Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Where has TIME gone?!?!?!

I swear it feels like I was just pregnant with Aiden yesterday and now here we are just days away from him turning 8 months old!!!  I am baffled by how fast time is going.....do you ever just wish you could stop time?! Maybe even rewind it a little bit?! I feel like Aiden is just growing way too fast. I miss the days where he would just lay and cuddle with me....now he wriggles and wrestles me until I put him back down on the floor so he can explore!  One of the things that I have REALLY been wanting to buy for our living room is an End Table but I'm starting to think maybe we should wait a little bit longer until he is just a little bit bigger!!! I remember Andrew trying to pull himself up on the coffee table constantly when he was learning to walk and he always managed to bonk his head!!

 Aiden just started crawling and he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. I am constantly scolding the other 3 for leaving stuff lay around....and I'm tired of trying to explain to the kids teachers that yes, their baby brother REALLY did eat their homework. *lol*  Yesterday Andrew was doing his homework and left his binder on the floor in the living room just for about 30 seconds. I turned around just in time to see Aiden doing his scoot all the way across the living room, reached out and pulled Andrew's math worksheet right out of the folder it was in. He is getting FAST!!!!

Here he is promoting the "Read for the Record" event!  He will be among the millions of people reading The Snowy Day on Thursday!  hehehehe

He also LOVES LOVES LOVES his baths now! If he is fussy and I cannot do anything else with him, we go STRAIGHT to the tub! If this face doesn't say happy, I don't know what does!!!

*Sigh* They just don't stay little long enough.


  1. That's nothing Sarah, take a deep breath and he'll be 8 years old. I don't know but when you have kids time just flies....you must be having fun. Smiles.

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  3. I'm right there with ya! My little guy just turned 6 months and it's just been going by at lightening speed!!!


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  6. sorry sarah...these comments so went on the wrong blog! Will it still count? Haha :) about the blog above...all of your children are growing so fast! It seems like yesterday when Joshy was aiden's age! They learn so much so fast!


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