Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Everybody loves a WINNER!

A handful of winners...the next batch of giveaways end on 11/7. Be sure to enter now!
All have been emailed....if you are on here and didn't get an email, please send me a message at sarahlewis06@aol.com

Scentsy #31, Kelli Jones and #20, Ahil09

Ook & Gluk #4, Anonymous, #6, Cheeky Momma, #13, EDiane, #36, Jamie #45, LLL w Leslie

Motherneeds Nursing Tops #100 Taking Chances Loving Life

Boodle Bottoms #193, AEK

Halo #23, Nicola

Boon High Chair #157, KellyBlack333

Fierce Fun Toys #91, Ashley N

Shaun The Sheep Season 1 DVD #176, Kyle

Thank you all so much for entering and keep checking back because every day from now until Christmas you will see giveaways EVERY DAY!


  1. I won the Fierce Fun Toy! I did not receive an email though (happens often due to the weird spelling of my email address) so I am sending you one now as well as posting here just in case lol


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