Monday, November 15, 2010

Human Tribe Project

I receive a lot of emails every day from companies and organizations wanting me to share their products, services, etc. but I could never have enough time to share them all so I have to pick and choose and share the one's that I think our readers will enjoy and find the most interest in.

I am a huge fan of charitable work. I have spent virtually my entire life working with my family and organizations to reach out and help others who are in need so I was really touched when I received an email about The Human Tribe Project!

The Human Tribe Project allows you to set up a free Tribe page to help benefit someone you know who is in crisis. You can then share that page with your friends and family members who can rally around and support that person no matter what their need may be. The Human Tribe Project was founded upon the premise that all people belong to a larger Tribe comprised of their loved ones and acquaintances, and that this Tribe can be a powerful resource when one of its members is in need.

I love this for so many different reasons. I have always felt that if you have the resources to help others, you should, without hesitation. There have been so many times when I have done something very small for someone but they have come back and told me what a HUGE difference it made in their life. Something so tiny to us just might make all the difference in someone elses life.

How it works:

Human Tribe Project enables people to unite as Tribes and mobilize support quickly and easily through this website the instant that a loved one notifies them of a crisis. A Tribe Leader sets up a Tribe Page, on behalf of the Beneficiary, and includes the Beneficiary’s story and an explanation of why funds need to be raised. The Tribe Leader then unites friends and family by entering in their email addresses, thereby inviting them to join the Tribe.

Tribe Pages are used to keep the Beneficiaries and their Tribes connected. Each Tribe Page contains a blog, a guestbook, moveable web badges and an option to invite others to join the Tribe. Most importantly, Tribe Pages contain the Tribe Tag Store where Tribe Tags can be purchased to financially support the Beneficiary.

Each Tribe Page has both semi-public and private portions. The Beneficiary’s blog, guestbook and all posts are private and only viewable by invited Tribe Members. The Beneficiary’s picture and story and the Tribe Tag Store for each Beneficiary are public and viewable only when a person searches the Beneficiary’s name.

If you know someone in need, I encourage you to check out the Human Tribe Project at as I think this is a great way to show your support to those you love who may be in need!

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