Monday, November 1, 2010

Invisalign Make me Smile Challenge

When I was growing up, I was blessed to not ever need to have braces and my husband was the same way. So when we started having children, I figured that not only would they inherit our pretty blue eyes but they also would have our straight teeth but I found out quickly that I was wrong about that! Our oldest son started out with really nice baby teeth but when he started losing his teeth and permanent adult teeth took their place, we noticed the teeth were not all coming in as nice as we would have liked for them to. Year after year as we went to the dentist, I would question him about Drew's teeth and he would tell us that they would probably eventually straighten up and not to worry.

This year, I knew we were not going to get the same response. Drew had to get some work done on his teeth and that's when the dentist told us that we will probably be looking at braces in the near future. I was really bummed out but lucky for me, I have already done a ton of research on Invisalign so I know we at least have options other than the traditional metal braces!!!

I used to think Invisalign was just for adults but the truth is, they are the perfect solution for the active teen or tween!  They are totally opposite than the unsightly metal braces that most of us are familiar with yet they are still comparable in both price and the time it takes them to straighten the teeth.  We are definitely going to keep this option open when the time comes for Drew to get braces!


Invisalign is offering a fun contest for teens and tweens called the "Make Me Smile Challenge" where your teen could be the lucky winner of the Ultimate Hollywood Experience including a $5,000 shopping spree on Rodeo Drive, airfare to Hollywood for 2, limo transporation, hotel stay in Beverly Hills, Lunch at the Ivy and a backlot studio tour!!!  All your teen has to do is create a 30 second video that makes the judges smile!
3 lucky winners will also win an iPad!  Visit for more details, the fine print and to upload their videos! Hurry though, this contest is over November 9th!

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