Saturday, November 27, 2010

A new list of WINNERS!

Sorry I got behind on posting winners. Here you have the most recent list with more being verified this weekend. Hope you and yours had a fabulous Thanksgiving! If you are on this list and didn't get my email, please send me a message at

Christmas TuTu from Flowers & Beyond: #14, Shelly

Token of Love Necklace: #4, Andrea Kuehne
Munchkin Diaper Pail: #80, Misty

Barneys Best Fairy Tales: #30, mmbear

Snorg Tees:  #4 Lara

Waterpik Flosser #136, Jacqi

Paul Frank and Nestle Prize Pack #97, Becky Mama of 2

Brat  Baby #206, Corinne

Rinse Ace #35, Beth

Coppins Gifts #7, DZimmer

Izola Shower Curtain #182 KatKlaw777

Hasbro Gift Set #174, Heather Y

Eat Smart Kitchen Scale #36 Janet Jackson

Dave & Busters #13, Lisha Noel
Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Prize Pack #7, Robyn


  1. CONGRATS... to everyone.. my name got missed boohoo.. but if you dont play you cant win and i havent been entering SO COngrats to everyone

  2. hey Darlin" think this is me but I sent you an email as I didn't hear from you and the weekend was so busy..
    xo to you and yours!

  3. Just want to say thanks again and congrats to all the winners!


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