Saturday, December 18, 2010

1 Week and Counting!

Can you all believe we are just 1 week away from Christmas?! I don't know about you but it seems like it came SOOOOOOOOOOO fast this year!  Total craziness. I blinked my eyes and it was here! Looks like I am going to be in a wrapping frenzy for the next week because hubby and I have been major major slackers in that department. We have boxes and tubs full of presents....but very few things have been wrapped.

I told you about the Elf on the Shelf, remember?! Well, one of the presents under the tree for Josh got unwrapped a little bit and can you believe that little stinker came out into the kitchen and made a claim that the ELF unwrapped his present?! Ohhh, you just never know what will come out of the mouth of a 5 year old!!!  He finally fessed up that it wasn't the if we didn't know! *lol*

The funeral for the 20 year old who was killed in a car accident here where I live was yesterday morning. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done but I did manage to sing the 2 songs they wanted sang. The first one was called Sissy's Song by Alan Jackson. It was a perfect song about a young girl who was taken before her time.  The other song was Amazing Grace, My Chains are Gone by Chris Tomlin. I love any version of Amazing Grace and this one is just a beautiful version.  I didn't cry, remembered the words and besides the fact that I was shaking like a leaf, I am really thankful to have gotten through it. They had me stand right up front where I had to face the family and her parents, siblings and her fiance were right in the front row directly in front of me and I had to make sure I didn't make eye contact or I am certain I would have lost it. There was a huge crowd of family and friends who came to say goodbye and it really made me feel good that so many people loved Ashley and came to pay their respects.

The family was informed that an anonymous person came into the funeral home and didn't want to be known but paid for all of the funeral expenses. What an AMAZING act of kindness and generosity.  That totally restored my faith that there are STILL people out there who care about others and the fact that they didn't want to be known means they did it just to be kind. They didn't want patted on the back or a big fuss made out of what they did. They did it to help this family out and I just think that is the most amazing thing I could have heard right now.

I received a call this morning from my mother-in-law regarding my brother-in-law. Apparently they found a spot on his lungs that is going to be looked into. He was also diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy which is a crazy condition that is basically bleeding in the eyeballs.  He has almost lost complete vision in his left eye and now has to undergo a series of laser and eye surgeries to try and correct it.

All I can say is that every single day, I am still counting my blessings.  Despite all of the stuff we have been through, I still have my health and my family and we have everything we need. I am so looking forward to Christmas and I hope you and yours are all healthy and happy too!


  1. You mean you wrap your presents before Christmas Eve? LOL We always end up doing it all night on Christmas Eve.

    Sorry to hear about the girl that died. I am so glad someone was kind enough to pay for the expenses though.

  2. That's great someone paid for the funeral expenses!

    I feel for your brother-in-law. All that he's going through sounds scary.

  3. wow, very generous. I am sure you sang beautifully! said a prayer for your brother in law, and joshie - what a little stinker!


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