Friday, January 14, 2011

Love Dare Week 2!

If you are doing The Love Dare with us, this week is all about kindness!  I remember back when my hubby and I first met, one of the things I loved about him was how sweet and kind he was to me! He would unexpectedly buy me a card or flowers or my favorite candy just because. It's amazing what a difference random acts of unexpected kindess makes!  Just today, my husband came home and brought me my favorite candy which made me so happy just to know he was thinking about me!  The candy wasn't expensive or was less than $1 but the fact that he thought of me while he was out and about made me really happy.

This Week's Love Dare:

Find ways to demonstrate unexpected gestures of kindness to your partner during the week!

Good Luck!

*Have you missed previous weeks of the Love Dare? Click the Love Dare tab at the top of the page to view the one's we have already done!  To see the story behind what prompted us to start doing The Love Dare, click Here to read our story!*

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  1. I am about to start this again. I did it briefly last year for my husband but got side tracked when my Dad passed. I cannot wait to start it again!

    I hope you are doing well with it!


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