Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Love Dare

My life is pretty much an open book these days. I don't have a problem sharing what is going on in my life, to a certain extent obviously, but one of those things I just shared with you all was about my husband and I struggling to rebuild our relationship. You can read about it Here if you haven't already read my Life Happens post. I received SOOOOOOOOOO many comments and private messages from so many of you. I received messages of encouragement as well as emails from other readers sharing their stories with me. It was so uplifting first of all to know that so many of you care. Secondly, it was so inspirational to hear so many stories of where so many of you also have faced similar obstacles and were able to overcome them. I was also saddened, however, because sooo many readers emailed me and said that they were currently going through similar situations and just didn't know how to even begin to rebuild their relationships. So I have been brainstorming to see how we can all help each other. I want 2011 to be the best year ever not just for me and my family but for all of you too!!!

I received a book called The Love Dare last Christmas from my Secret Sister at my church. I am going to admit right now that I put the book in a basket and never picked it up again. Perhaps maybe if I had, I wouldn't be in this situation I am in now. *lol* Seriously though, I lent it to my Sister and I went back and picked it up this week to see if I could find some ideas. While I loved the idea of the book and the activities in it, one thing I realized is that not everyone is religious, spiritual, etc. so this book wouldn't resonate with everyone. So I have modified it so that I can share the "Dares" with you and you can do them with your partner too no matter what kind of background you have. These activities are not just for people who are struggling, rather they are for every couple who wants to have the best relationship possible! I will post a new "Dare" every week and you can choose to do them with your partner if you wish!  If you look above, you will find a link called "Love Dare" and I will keep all of the weekly Dare's listed there as we go in case you get a late start or miss one somewhere!


This week, find a family project that needs attention and work on it together. Do whatever you can to operate as a team from beginning to end and make sure you encourage each other along the way!!

Good luck and have a great rest of the week!

*The Love Dare was written by Stephen & Alex Kendrick along with Lawrence Kimbrough and you can purchase this book many places online or in book stores if you want your own copy!*


  1. I love this idea! You should make it a weekly linky!!! I am going to follow this and do them too!! Good luck to both of us!! {hugs}

  2. What a coincidence! A lady just suggested that book to me!

  3. I added it to my blog!! I don't know how to do a linky either...maybe a google search will tell you? Good luck!

  4. I googled "the love dare bloggers", and found you. I'm considering picking this book up again, and actually reading it!


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